language learning labThis space is for YOU, so make yourself at home!

Welcome to the Language Learning Center!

Room CC3-125  | P: 425.352.8678

The Language Learning Center (LLC) was designed for you, a language learner, to provide you with help, resources, tools, events, and ideas to support you as you become more fluent in a new language and culture. 

World Languages Cafe

Join us in the Language Learning Center for informal, drop-in conversation groups, games and other activities to practice world languages and engage with speakers from across campus and the community.  All are welcome. Every Wednesday 11:30am-1:30pm during Fall Quarter 2017.



    FREE, personalized, peer tutoring and conversation practice.


    Studying Resources 

    We have study tables, films in a variety of languages, language-learning games, reading nooks and materials, and conversation sessions.



     A variety of language and culture-centered events take place each quarter. 


    Global Studies Degree

    Put your love of language and culture to use!