Proctored Exams at Cascadia



Some college and university online courses require exams to be proctored. Exam proctoring is available for a fee to individuals taking online courses at another college or university. Cascadia students who have a documented disability seeking reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations should contact our Office of Disability Support Services. Students not receiving academic accommodations, who are unable to take an exam during the scheduled exam time should speak with their instructor to see if alternate arrangements can be made.

Before scheduling an exam to be proctored in the Kodiak Corner Testing Center, please review the following information:

  • Double check dates and times for your exams then call or email at least two weeks in advance to arrange for available testing times.
  • Exams are scheduled and taken in the Kodiak Corner/Student Services Center. Check the hours of operation before calling to schedule your exam to be proctored.
  • The course instructor can mail a paper exam directly to the Assistant Director of Enrollment Services. Online exam information and instructions can be emailed with attachments to
  • Exams must be completed 15 minutes before the testing center closes.
  • Fees apply based on two hour exams ($41 payable at the time of check-in for scheduled exam.)

To schedule a proctored exam and for additional questions, contact:

Bonnie Ellis, Assistant Director for Enrollment Services
(425) 352-8125 or