Underage Student Admission

Cascadia College does not wish to duplicate or replace the functions of local high schools. However, high school students may request special admission to take specific courses at the college on a quarterly basis. Underage students (9th -12th grade level status) who are not Running Start students may enroll under exceptional circumstances. Students seeking enrollment as an underage student on a long term basis should explore admissions through our Running Start Program.

Follow all the steps below to apply for underage student admission:

To qualify for an exception to Cascadia’s general admission requirements as an underage student, the following steps must be completed:

What to Do

 How to Do It



Apply for admission to Cascadia.

Complete Cascadia’s application for admission and pay the one time, non-refundable application fee.

Classes fill quickly, and we cannot guarantee admission to a particular class. For the best chance of getting into the class you want, apply before the priority underage student application deadline in the calendar. There is a $30 application fee.

After we receive your application, we will send you a student ID number via email.

  • Pay the non-refundable $30 application fee. You may pay online or in person.



Determine Placement.

Students must demonstrate academic preparedness for college-level work by placing into English 101.



Get an underage student admission packet.

Complete the Parent/Release and School District Enrollment Release Form, including the most recent official school transcript.


Schedule an appointment with the Deans for Student Learning & Student Success to review application.


Register in person at the Kodiak Corner Student Services Center or online using the online registration system during the open registration period.



Pay tuition and fees. If you do not pay on time, you will be withdrawn from all classes.

See Waivers for information on reduced tuition.


After the first quarter, returning underage students must first submit a new School District Enrollment Release Form for the new quarter in order to be eligible for registration. 

Approval for enrollment for one quarter does not guarantee class availability or enrollment approval for subsequent quarters.

Students will be expected to adhere to Cascadia’s Academic Standards and Progress.

Students who plan to apply credits earned at Cascadia towards completion of a high school diploma from their current high school are responsible for consulting their high school counselor to ensure that the college classes meet high school graduation requirements. College officials are not responsible for advising students as to whether or not a college class will meet high school graduation requirements.


Get your computer and email account information.

  • Visit the Student Accounts page for information about setting up your network and email account.


Buy your books.

Check the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines.