WAMAP (Alternate Math Placement)

Students interested in changing their math placement after taking Accuplacer can either wait 14 days to retake the Accuplacer assessment or can attempt to place into the math class of their choice by taking the WAMAP placement assessment.

 What is a math placement assessment?

Cascadia instructors have designed math placement assessments for each of our courses between MATH 075 and MATH&151. The assessments assess necessary prerequisite material required for success in the class. Much of the assessment aligns to the content of the sequential course that proceeds the desired placement. For example, the MATH&141/147 assessment assesses material from MATH 095.

 What are the rules for the assessment?

  • Each assessment is composed of between 25 and 40 questions, and you are required to obtain an 80% in order to gain placement into the desired course.
  • Assessments do NOT give you credit for a prerequisite course, they merely change your placement.
  • You have only one opportunity to take any individual assessment. Once you try one assessment, you are allowed to take a different assessment, regardless of whether you passed the first. For example, you can take the MATH 085 assessment, pass it, and then decide to take the MATH 095/&141/&146 assessment. Alternatively, you can take the MATH 085 assessment, not pass it, and then decide to take the MATH 075 assessment.
  • Each assessment has a three-hour time limit. Most students will complete them in less than the three-hour limit.
  • You will be provided a calculator for use on any assessment EXCEPT the MATH 075 assessment. This assessment must be taken without a calculator.
  • You may not use any notes, books, or outside resources on the assessments. Scratch paper will be provided.
  • There is no cost to take an assessment at this time.

 How do you sign up?

WAMAP assessments are not available on Wednesdays. Visit the Kodiak Corner during open hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Be sure to come at least three hours before the testing center closes in order to have enough time to complete the assessment.