Emergency Notification Sytem

Cascadia's emergency notification system (ENS) is provided through FlashAlert.  The system is used to communicate with students and employees about campus closures as well as distribute important information during campus emergencies. FlashAlert is a licensed service offered to Cascadia through the Puget Sound Educational School District. It is the quickest and most reliable way to receive communications.

This is a free service and anyone is allowed to register. You have the option to register your email and/or phone number.

Register to receive alerts from Cascadia

Log on to www.flashalert.net and follow the instructions below to subscribe:

  1. Click on the Seattle button on U.S. map
  2. Select "Colleges & Universities"
  3. Select Cascadia College
  4. Enter your email address (it does not have to be a Cascadia address)
  5. Confirm that the "Emergency Alerts" box is checked and click on "Subscribe" button
  6. Confirm email address and add password; click button to "Create Your Account"
  7. Select whether you want to receive e-mail or text alerts and click "Send Test" (Note: After you input your phone number and carrier, a box will pop up telling you that you need to download the app in order to receive texts. This is not true. Click okay and proceed.)
  8. Click on the "Verify Your Address" button
  9. You will receive an email to the account; click on the link in this email and/or text and  reply "Yes" to confirm

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may use the FlashAlert system?
Cascadia's FlashAlert system is intended for Cascadia students, parents, faculty, staff and community partners.
What types of messages are considered emergency messages?

Emergencies are considered any event that poses a safety risk to the campus community. For example, the most common use of FlashAlert will be to communicate when the college is closed due to inclement weather.

Other types of emergencies may include unexpected occurrences such as earthquakes or power outages, or any unexpected event that poses danger or puts your safety at risk.

How will I identify incoming messages from the FlashAlert system?

Text messages

Text messages sent from FlashAlert are sent using something called short codes. When you receive a text via a short code, you'll receive a message from # 1 (210) 100. We strongly encourage you to save this number in your phone address book after you receive your first message. This way, in future emergencies, the message will be more recognizable as an official communication from the college. 

Email messages

Email messages sent from FlashAlert will be sent from the email address: info@flashalert.net.  Please be sure this email address is not blacklisted or blocked by your email providers.

You are automatically subscribed to the Rave Alert system within 24 hours after your "@cascadia.edu" email address is created. If you're a student, you sign up for your NetID any time after applying for admissions. You may continue using this system after you leave the college. If you're an employee, you are issued a Cascadia user ID and "@cascadia.edu" email address the first week of employment.

Visit alerts.cascadia.edu to register additional contacts or manage your alerts profile.

Can I Unsubscribe from FlashAlert?

Yes. Visit flashalert.net to manage your alerts profile.

Will I get SPAM or advertisements?

 No, never. We respect your privacy and you will never receive anything except for official Cascadia emergency communications.

Is there a charge for the service?
Neither Cascadia nor FlashAlert will not charge you. However, you are responsible for paying any messaging charges that might be associated with your wireless carrier plan.
What mobile phone carriers are supported?

FlashAlert supports all U.S. mobile carriers.

What if I previously opened a RAVE alert account through Cascadia?

Cascadia is phasing out the use of the RAVE alert system. In order to receive alerts from Cascadia, you will need to register with FlashAlert system.