It's Not Business As Usual

Our collaboration with area businesses is win-win-win, for students, the college, and for the businesses. The partnerships we build help to create critical learning opportunities for our students, inform and strengthen our academic programs, and place motivated interns and high-skilled employees back into the community. 

Technical Advisory Committee

Business leaders participate on committees that work to develop our professional technical programs so that our students are certain to learn leading-edge technologies and skills most needed by area industries. For information about becoming a member of a Technical Advisory Committee, please email the academic dean responsible for overseeing these committees.

Speaker Series

Every Friday students gather to listen to a presentation from a business leader. The featured speaker helps to paint a picture of what work is like and what skills are needed and discusses typical career pathways or opportunities. For information about speaking opportunities, please email the advisor for professional technical programs.


Students enrolled in our professional technical programs are required to undertake an internship. Not only does this allow students to gain meaningful hands-on experience, it provides businesses with highly motivated employees who can contribute valuable skills. If you have a potential internship opportunity for Cascadia students, please email our advisor for professional technical programs.


At Cascadia, every course involves significant project work. Some of these projects are team-based projects that work to produce products for businesses. One course, for example, develops web sites every quarter. Other projects are geared towards providing a needed community service, like mentoring middle school students.