image no hate  Amidst this environment of national rhetoric and fear, Cascadia College is emphasizing its commitment to the principles of pluralism, social justice, and cultural richness that guide our institution. We have these values so that all of our students can reach their fullest potential. We will not tolerate behaviors that serve to marginalize individuals or groups. Those who bully, direct hate, or incite violence will be held accountable. This is neither quick nor easy work. There is no one blueprint to guide colleges through such complexity and ambiguity. We are learning together, in real time, how best to respond to questions, provide comfort and safety, and hold space for those who are struggling to understand, while simultaneously protecting free speech.

This page is dedicated to efforts on campus intended to: 

  • Provide opportunities for individuals to share their experiences and their fears in a safe setting
  • Raise awareness of how our national climate and evolving policies affect us locally 
  • Direct individuals to campus resources
  • Give administration information for developing responses or additional resources to help prevent instances of unwanted behavior
  • Help us move forward and learn together

Inclusive Campus Pledge [full document]


New Perspectives on Israel/Palestine

Mon., April 24
1:00-3:00 pm
Mobius Hall

A Cascadia College Teach-in: A panel examining historical and political questions facing us today.

Karam Dana, UW Bothell
John McKay, Seattle University School of Law
Dr. Alice Rothchild, physician, author, filmmaker

Bias Incident Response Team

Contact a member of the CARE Team to initiate the response

Student Success Services is assembling a team and creating a process to respond to and document bias incidents on campus.

Writing on the Wall

CC1 first floor vista


This project was inititiated by Sarah Zale's English 101 class. Cascadia community members are invited to voice fears, concerns, hopes and allyship. Please respect posted guidelines.

Freedom of Expression Wall

CC3 first floor south hall


If you want to post information about an organization, a group, an event, an initiative, or an opportunity that is not associatied with Cascadia, this is the space for that. Please respect posted guidelines.

UW Library Resource Guide Available online or at the campus Library

The Library Resource Guide has four sections:

  1. Selected materials on free speech, hate speech and academic freedom
  2. Civil discourse: resources to help in having challenging conversations, in the classroom and beyond
  3. Fake news – identifying fake news, fact checking organizations, etc.
  4. Giving Back: some websites that allow you to search for volunteer or charitable giving opportunities