Climate Reality Project

Our students are the heart and soul of Cascadia's sustainability degrees and practices. Their passion, energy, knowledge and hard work drive us to do our best each and every day.  Sustainability is a broad field and our students' interests are equally diverse.  Within their classes, internships and capstone projects our students specialize in sustainability topics that are near and dear to them, such as:

     1) Reducing plastics on campus and in our waterways;

     2) Improving water quality in the Sammamish River watershed;

     3) Helping local municipalities plan for climate change; and

     4) Helping local farmers get healthy food to those who need it most.

Check out the student profiles below to learn more about what they're up to this summer!


Local conservation organization love our students too!  Here's what Alice Tsoodle, Education Manager at Friends of North Creek Forest, had to say when asked if their organization would consider hosting another intern from our program.

"Yes, I’ve had two of your interns now and both were very thoughtful and brought a wealth of knowledge to the table. They were both wonderful at bringing an environmental awareness to their work which is exactly what we need here at Friends of North Creek Forest. Because of their skill set and initiative, they were valuable addition to the team as opposed to extra work which is critical for this small, resource tight organization."

Thank you Alice and all of our community parters for working with our students on a huge array of local sustainability efforts! 


Eric J on field trip in OlympiaEric J.

Eric graduated in June, 2017 with his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Sustainable Practices.  For his capstone project, Eric audited campus biking infrastructure and recommended actions we can take to increase bicycle commuting by students, faculty and staff.  This project helped him secure a summer position with Steer Davies Gleave as a Team Leader for the Curb the Congestion campaign.  Eric is now recruiting summer Travel Advisors who will encourage people to travel in more sustainable ways!


CM at King County


Christine M.

Christine is earning her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Sustainable Practices.  This summer, she is working as a Recycling Education Intern at Waste Management in Kirkland, WA.  This internship will hone her community outreach and education skills and increase her knowledge of multifamily recycling challenges and opportunities. 

 DH sampling in wetland

Keu "David" H.

David is also a student in our Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Practices program.  This summer David is interning with Friends of North Creek Forest, a local non-profit organization that implements environmental education and habitat restoration projects in North Creek Forest.  This internship will expand David's knowledge of forest ecosystems and give him experience leading environmental education activities for small groups. 


Daniel H.

Daniel graduated in June, 2017 with his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Sustainable Practices.  This summer he is interning with City Growers in Brooklyn, New York where he is using urban agriculture to connect city youth with the natural world and an understanding of where our food comes from!

Daniel with City Growers


Donna B. and Annie A.

Donna and Annie are both working toward their Associate of Applied Science - Transfer degree in Environmental Technologies and Sustainable Practices.  They are interested in green building techniques and secured summer internships with Northwest EcoBuilding Guild.  As part of this experience, they will research sustainable materials and building processes that result in affordable homes with a small carbon footprint.  The end goal is to host a local summit of small carbon footprint housing stakeholders and advocates.

Built Green student internship

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