Biology Class Cascadia's Learning Model

Cascadia’s approach to teaching is based on research that shows how students really learn. We recognize that learning goes far beyond the boundaries of the traditional lecture paradigm. In addition to highlighting group projects and hands-on assignments in all of our courses, we are committed to pioneering innovative models that reflect the depth and complexity of subject matters.

Learning Outcomes

Think, learn, interact, and communicate: The active, collaborative skills you’ll gain as a Cascadia student will serve you well throughout your career.

Work in Small Groups

As a Cascadia student, you’ll learn to work effectively in small groups. Your teamwork skills will prepare you for success in any workplace.

Integrated Learning

Our emphasis on collaborative and active learning across different disciplines is most evident in the variety of integrated learning options available to our students.

Global Awareness

Cascadia fosters your ability to interact with other people in diverse and complex environments through its programs, events, and a diverse student body.

Environmental Stewardship

Cascadia’s programs and campus environment are both built on environmentally sustainable principles.