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Yours Truly 2017/2018

Our call for submissions for the 2018 edition is now open! We want your poetry, prose, visual art, and media creations! Click on SUBMIT TO YOURS TRULY below to review our submission guidelines and to submit your work via our Submittable portal. Our submission period closes on December 31, 2017.


About Yours Truly

Mission & History


Our Mission

Yours Truly is the annual creative arts magazine of Cascadia College, which showcases the original visual art, prose, and poetry of our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members. Yours Truly supports the imagination and originality of community voices and visions rarely represented in other campus spaces, promotes the creation of diverse literary and visual art, and celebrates creativity in all forms.


Publication History

Yours Truly is the award-winning creative arts publication of Cascadia College. The first creative arts publication at Cascadia began in 2002 with the first issue of Wetlands Review before it found a more fitting name in 2007: Yours Truly. The name of this magazine digs beneath the surface of this campus to remind people of the foundation on which Cascadia now stands. The 127 acres of land we occupy used to be the Truly Cattle and Dairy Farm.

We also humbly acknowledge that greater Bothell is located on land taken from the s-tah-PAHBSH people of the Duwamish Tribe.


Submission & Publication Schedule

Yours Truly's call for submissions occurs every Fall Quarter, with pieces selected in Winter Quarter. The print publication is produced in Spring Quarter with a launch event scheduled for June.


Yours Truly was awarded first place in the Washington Community College Humanities Association for the 2008 and 2013 competitionsYours Truly 2016 tied for second place in the Pacific-Western division of the national Community College Humanities Association (CCHA) literary magazine competition.

Submit to Yours Truly

Submission Guidelines


The submission period for Yours Truly 2018 is November 1 – December 31, 2017.


General Submission Guidelines for 2017-2018:

Contributions are welcome from all students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Cascadia College, as well as Cascadia friends and community members. To learn more about Yours Truly and to view past issues, please visit our website here. Please send us your very best work, making sure to edit and proofread before you submit.


To prevent bias, Yours Truly has an anonymous selection process, so please refrain from putting your name on the files you upload to Submittable. Once submissions are selected for publication, the contributor's name will be revealed to the staff and additional information may be requested. When we publish, your name will be printed along with your work.       

We accept previously unpublished well crafted and diverse and poetry and prose, as well as visual art and media for consideration for publication in our June 2018 issue. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please let us know ASAP once your work has been accepted elsewhere.         

Once you submit your work, you will receive a confirmation email indicating our receipt of your submission. Expect to hear about your submission status by mid-March 2018. Yours Truly will be released in print and online at our launch event in June of 2018.


Poetry Submission Guidelines:

  • You may submit up to six (6) poems
  • To prevent bias, Yours Truly has an anonymous selection process, so please refrain from putting your name on the files you upload to Submittable.
  • Poetry may be any form or style, including prose poetry, and each poem must be limited to two pages in length. 
  • Accepted file formats for writing: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, and .pdf. We do not accept Google Docs.
  • Please label your poetry files by title only (i.e. Summer.docx).


Prose Submission Guidelines:

  • You may submit up to six (6) prose pieces
  • To prevent bias, Yours Truly has an anonymous selection process, so please refrain from putting your name on the files you upload to Submittable.
  • Prose submissions may be short stories, micro/flash fiction, personal essays, and creative nonfiction.
  • Prose should not exceed 1500 words
  • Please double-space and leave 1” margins.
  • Accepted file formats for writing: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, and .pdf. We do not accept Google Docs.
  • Please label your prose files by title only (i.e. Cleaning House.docx).


Visual Art Submission Guidelines:

  • You may submit up to six (6) visual art pieces
  • To prevent bias, Yours Truly has an anonymous selection process, so please refrain from putting your name on the files you upload to Submittable.
  • Visual Art forms may include both handcrafted and digital art, such as painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, textiles, mixed media, photography, and digital creations. 
  • Resolution for art images and photography: minimum 300 dpi and 1200 pixels (4") wide. We prefer larger files. 
  • Acceptable image file formats: .jpg, .tiff, and .png. Please visit "Photoshop Help / Image Size and Resolution" for more on how to work with digital images.
  • For handcrafted art, please be sure the photograph or scan of your artwork is cropped appropriately, without flash spots, unintentional blurriness, or glare, and at least 300dpi. Click here and here for tips on how to photograph your handcrafted work. 
  • Please label your image files by title only (i.e. Cow Song.jpg).


Media Submission Guidelines:

  • You may submit up to six (6) media pieces for our online edition of Yours Truly
  • To prevent bias, Yours Truly has an anonymous selection process, so please refrain from putting your name on the files you upload to Submittable.
  • Media forms may include audio or video creations of no longer than 8 minutes each
  • File formats acceptable for audio: MP3, M4A or WAV.
  • File formats acceptable for video: MOV, MP4, or MPG. 
  • Please name your file with title only (i.e. SingNow.mp3).


Submit your work via Submittable now!


Yours Truly Archived Issues


See the archived issues of Yours Truly and the original Wetlands Review. Click on the image to see the full PDF or online versions. Hard copies may be found at the Cascadia/UWB library for those issues without PDFs at this time. 



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Join Our Team!

Yours Truly is a course


 The Yours Truly course series begins in the Fall Quarter with foundational work and the call for submissions and ends in Spring Quarter with the printed publication and launch event. Here are course descriptions for the Magazine Publication courses:


Fall Quarter:

HUM 210 (Magazine Publication I) is a 3-credit class that provides students with an introduction to the process of creative arts magazine publication. Students will study common college magazine practices and review and assess sample publications. With instructor guidance, students will develop systemic and technical guidelines for submission; define the scope and reach of the publication; create a specific solicitation and marketing plan involving campus resources, including web and social media promotions; and establish roles and responsibilities of the magazine editorial team. [Registration to add this course ends October 2017]


Winter Quarter:

HUM 211 (Magazine Publication II) is a 3-credit course in which students will study principles of evaluating visual art, poetry, and prose. With the instructor’s guidance through assigned readings on the aesthetics of art and creative writing, students will develop an editorial process to assess writing and artwork submitted for publication during the prior quarter. Using the editorial guidelines created in HUM 210, students will maintain the consistency and integrity of the submission process in order to make editorial decisions about published content in Cascadia’s annual arts magazine, Yours Truly, culminating in a complete rough draft of accepted magazine submissions. [Registration for this course begins in November 2017 and is dependent on your credit status.]


Spring Quarter:

HUM 212 (Magazine Publication III) provides students with an introduction to designing, producing and publishing an annual creative arts magazine that reflects the creative output of the campus community. With the instructor's guidance, students gain knowledge and experience through assigned readings on, and practical application of small press structures, design aesthetics, principles of layout, typography, and color systems. In addition, students learn practical skills in publication budgeting, scheduling, and project management. Students will make all editorial decisions about the design and layout of the previous quarter's selections for Cascadia's annual arts magazine, Yours Truly. Students will familiarize themselves with a professional publication program in order to prepare, proof and edit a manuscript for a designated printer. Students will also participate in a multi-media launch event for the publication in June. [Registration for this course begins in February 2018 and is dependent on your credit status.]

Contact Courtney Putnam with any questions about this course series:

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Photo of Yours Truly Magazine Students 2017For general questions about Yours Truly, please email us at


Please contact Courtney Putnam for questions about enrolling in magazine publication courses at


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Students in Cascadia's HUMAN 210 course during

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