Press Release - 04/22/14


 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                            April 22, 2014



State Veterans Affairs and Cascadia College

Signing Ceremony


BOTHELL, Wash. – Students, employees, and state officials gathered at Cascadia College today to witness the signing of a document expressing a commitment between the college and the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs to work together to support student veterans.


In response to an increase in student veterans, Cascadia opened a Veterans Center earlier this year.  The center, which was designed with input from members of the college’s Veterans Club, helps veterans to build community, and obtain services and referrals.


Cascadia’s Veteran’s Navigator, Dave Hudson, expressed gratitude on behalf of the college’s student veterans, explaining that the center helps them to feel more confident in their transition from active duty to college.


“The best result is seeing veterans become part of a new team and reaching out to help other veterans,” added Deputy Director of the State Department of Veterans Affairs, Gary Condra.  He explained that colleges need to be prepared to support even larger populations of veterans as the military is poised to experience a huge drawn down over the next few years. There are approximately 120 veterans currently enrolled at Cascadia.


“Our veterans help us think about civic engagement and service,” noted Cascadia faculty member David Ortiz, who serves as the Veterans Club advisor. “It’s important that we help our vets transition from service to our nation to service to themselves and other students.”


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