Integrated Learning Events 5/7, 5/8


Terésa Dowell-VestJoin a series of discussions and activities with writer and filmmaker, Terésa Dowell-Vest, on May 7th and 8th.

Terésa is visiting Seattle because her short film Shirts vs Skins is being featured at the Seattle Transgender film festival, and the film will be shown in Seattle at 12:30 pm on Saturday, May 10.

Terésa has also recently published a novel, Passage Home, "the story of the day America killed currency, demolished the Social Security program, federally issued new tracking numbers for all citizens, mass deported those who could not prove citizenship, sealed the borders, and sent Black Americans back to less than a year. Set in the year 2019, this 400 year anniversary of Africans in America would be like no other celebration we have ever known."

Terésa's visit to Cascadia was initiated by Danielle Powell, and some of you may remember Teresa who conducted the ACT/WRITE workshop for our students a couple of years ago, and it was that workshop that inspired students to start Cascadia's Filmmaking Club. Danielle has a DVD of the short films that the students (with Terésa's help) produced at the workshop if anyone is interested.

This week, Terésa will be on our campus and visiting classes.

Wednesday, May 7th
at 11:00 am (CC1-081)—Lisa Citron's Microeconomics students will be discussing Terésa's novel, Passage Home, in terms of alternative economies and other relevant themes.

at 6:30 pm (CC3-123)—Danielle Powell and Jesús Perez will be facilitating a discussion about Passage Home that focuses on immigration, race, power, and privilege.

Thursday, May 8th
at 11:00 am (CC3-235)—Jared Leising's Film and Lit students will be discussing Teresa's short film Master Piece and its connection to Passage Home.

at 2:15 (CC1-010)—Catherine Crain's Human Sexuality students will be discussing Shirts vs. Skins.

at 3:45 (CC3-134)—A conversation with faculty about making art and social change.

*Individuals are welcome to attend any and all of these discussions. We encourage you to view and read Terésa's work before attending. Just click on the links above.