International Education Week Photo Contest

2020 Top Submissions (Theme: Global Community)

We asked aspiring photographers on our campus to submit photos related to the theme of "global community". What does “community” mean to you? Where have you seen community, near and far, all around the world?

2020 Winners

By Cascadia student Kirby Long#5 - PLAY-FIGHT

This photograph depicts an American and Cuban 17 year olds Engaging in a playful boxing match An historic boxing gym in Havana Cuba. They are being watched by groups of Cubans and Americans who range in age from grade school kids to adults. I tried to depict what it was like to be there it was tense and nervous at first, language and cultural barriers definitely made us Americans a little nervous but once people got up there and the boxing and started there was a sense of community. There's something universal about what we do with our bodies, sports dance, even kids playing tag in a schoolyard, it crosses language and it crosses culture and it brings people of all breeds together to watch to, to enjoy, to cheer.

The Face of Literacy
By Cascadia staff Nor Boice

#5 Face of Literacy
My grandbaby; she lives in Spanaway. She loves to read at the age of 2.5 years old. She remembers them and can re-tell the stories back to you.

Veracruz, Mexico
By Cascadia student Maria Teresa Solarzano

Veracruz, MéxicoThis picture shows the day to day life of Mexicans underneath a plaza alongside the cathedral, the heart of the city of Xalapa in the state of Veracruz. This is global community because these are real people interacting, working, sightseeing and walking on these historic paths. The closer you zoom into the picture the more activities you see being performed.

Love Unites
By Cascadia student Emma Pendlebury

top photoParis bridge with locks from international couples.

Amalgamate Out of the Frame
By Cascadia student Kirby Long

top photoI wanted to make something that depicts how it feels to be an old Havana, This beautiful old city with cobblestone roads and yet being in it can be somewhat jarring . Even when it's not blatant and not visible to the naked eye Standing there in the old town squares you can feel a cultural amalgamation happening these streets that I've long been walked on an occupied by Cubans are flooded with tourists. Off brand text stores and Wi-Fi cards are being hooked on the streets next to towering old stone churches.

There's a feeling of subtle anachronism it doesn't feel quite right to be surrounded by the contemporary clothing the bright backpacks and baseball caps in this place where everything for so long has stayed the same. It's a clashing of culture, many cultures in fact and whether that's a good or a bad thing I won't comment on but it's strange and a little bit beautiful.

Dimensions of Community
By Cascadia student Emma Pendlebury

top photo     Tourists from around the world come to Sydney Harbour to take photos.

Blaine Sunset
By Cascadia student Andrew D’Urso

top photo Blaine Sunset is a plain photo from Blaine of a sunset. When there is so much ugly in the world everyone knows the soft yellows and reds of the sunset. From all over the world we are all united by the beauty of sunsets. Normal things become extraordinary by vibrant colors. The sunset takes the time between day and night and gives it some pizazz.