Happy Earth Week: Affordable Local Food

(see full list of events and activities happening at Cascadia and UW Bothell this week)  


From Cascadia alum, Meghan Tenhoff, AIS 2006:

What we eat drastically affects our health, ability to learn, and the environment. I created the program  21 Acres Harvest Share, that makes it easier for people living on limited resources to afford the highest quality, organic, sustainably grown fruits and veggies. Recipes are provided weekly, as well as monthly Cooking Workshops that bring people together to learn cooking new skills and share old ones to create empowered food choices.


Flyer for 21 Acres Sustainable Food Program Flyer for 21 Acres Cooking Workshop




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21 Acres: We inspire action to solve climate challenges by learning as a community to grow, eat, and live sustainably.