Notice: Parking/Campus Traffic Revisions, Thursday, 5/10


Campus Community,

Commuter Services will support the Intercultural Night Market on Thursday 5-10-2018.  Several parking and traffic revisions in the Truly parking lot will need to take place to ensure a safe enjoyable environment for all.

  • A portion of parking spaces in the Truly parking lot will be unavailable from 4:00pm on Wednesday through 7:00am Friday
  • A portion of the lot will be blocked off after 1:00pm Thursday 5-10-2018
  • Vehicles will be prevented from entering the lot after 1:00pm Thursday 5-10-2018
    • The traffic pattern will be temporarily adjusted during this time
    • Any vehicle already parked in the lot will be able to exit 

Please observe temporary signage specifying no parking areas and traffic revision areas. 


Your support is greatly appreciated,

Martin R. Arroyo
Commuter Services Manager
University of Washington Bothell / Cascadia College