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Do you want to show everyone how exciting recycling can be?
...And do you have an artistic talent that you just need to share with the world?  Then we have just the thing for you!

Celebrate Earth Day this year by creating a poster that lets everyone know how important recycling is.

Cascadia College is hosting a poster contest to promote smart, easy, and efficient ways that everyone can participate in recycling programs going on all around us. All students are invited to submit original works that deal with recycling or repurposing objects in their daily lives-- in school, at home, and everywhere!

Draw it, paint it, collage it, photograph it...anything you want to do to express your recycling ideas--just do it!

Entries can be submitted directly to the judges at: 
by April 14
, and prizes will be given out at Cascadia College during an Earth Week Celebration on April 20th, 2017.

 Don’t forget to include your name and some contact information so we can let you know if you are our lucky winner!

 Say it loud and say it proud--we want to see what recycling means to you!