Executive Team and Administrators

The executive team meets to address issues involving college governance, student learning and success, fiscal strategies and related matters, personnel, community relations, public information and information systems, policy and procedures, and strategic planning. The team’s recommendations may be placed on the agenda of other committees, or they may be forwarded directly to the president for action.

Executive Team

Eric W. Murray, PhD President

Rosemary Sutton, PhD Vice President for Student Learning and Student Success

Terence Hsiao Vice President for Administrative Services

Gina Lorenz Executive Director of Human Resources

Meagan Walker Executive Director of College Relations

Dede Gonzales


Executive Assistant to the President



Mari Acob-Nash, PhD
Dean of International Programs

Kathleen Biagi Director of Basic Skills

Erin Blakeney Dean for Student Success Services

Brian Culver Director of Information Services

Lyn Eisenhour Associate Dean for Student Learning

Glenn Colby Director for Institutional Effectiveness

Todd Lundberg, PhD Dean for Student Learning

Shawn Miller Director of Enrollment Services

Becky Riopel Director of Student Life

Deann Holliday Director of Student Financial Services

Erik Tingelstad, PhD Dean for Student Learning

Sharon Waymire
Director of Finance