Image of Map where Cascadia international students transferred.

University Transfer

Cascadia can prepare you to transfer to a four-year university as a junior. In the United States, the first two years of a bachelor's degree program usually consist of general education courses. Many American students complete those first two years at community college, earning an associate degree, and then transfer to complete their third and fourth years at a university.

Cascadia has transfer degree programs that prepare you for nearly any major, including business, mathematics, biological sciences, environmental/earth sciences, chemistry, geology, physics, pre-med, engineering, computer science and more. As a Cascadia student, you will receive personalized advising with one of our transfer experts.

Guaranteed transfer acceptance to these colleges and universities

 City University of Seattle logo  Indiana Purdue University logo Johnson Wales
Kansas State University logo  Northern Arizona University logo
Portland State University logo
 Regis College logo Seattle Pacific University logo Seattle University logo
San Francisco State University logo  Troy University logo University  of Iowa logo 
Univ. of Maine logo Massachusetts Dartmount University logo Oregon University logo
University of Victoria logo  University of Wahington Bothell logo  Washington State University logo
Western Washinton University logo Wichita State University logo   


Cascadia International students have been accepted into top universities including the following:


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