Admission to Cascadia College is easy and can be done online. Applicants must be 16 years old by the start date of the program and have completed the 10th grade. Deadlines for each quarter can be found in below. 

Admission to English Language Program:

No proof of English proficiency is required to study in English Language Program. After arriving at Cascadia, students will take an English language placement test and we will place you in an appropriate level in the English Language Program.

Admission to College Program (Associate Degree Program): 

TOEFL score of 70 or IELTS score of 6.0 is required for students to directly place into College Program. Please send your official score directly from the testing agency with your application. These test scores are valid only within two years from the start of the quarter.


Admission in 3 Easy Steps

  1. A completed international student admission application or you can apply online now.
  2. Submit with the application:
    • A financial statement that is less than 3 month old showing the minimum amount of US $18,765. (If you intend to bring your spouse or children as dependent under F-2 visa, please add $5,000 for each dependent.)
    • A non-refundable US $50 application fee. We accept credit-card, a check that can be drawn from a U.S. bank, or cash.
    • A copy of the passport page
    • A high school or college transcript in English. Unofficial one is accepted for the admission purposes.
  3. If you are transferring from a U.S. educational institution, please also complete a  transfer verification form If you are under 18 years old by the start date of the program, please also complete an
    underage form


Quarter ** Overseas Deadline ** Transfer Deadline Class Dates Orientation Dates
(dates subject to change)
Winter 2019 11/30 12/20 01/07 - 03/22 01/02 - 01/04
Spring 2019 03/01 03/15 04/01 - 06/14 03/25 - 03/29
Summer 2019 05/31 06/14 07/01 - 08/22 06/24 - 06/27
Fall 2019 08/26
09/09 09/23 - 12/10 09/16 - 09/20

** We adhere to these deadlines, but late applicants will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

    Please email for more information. 

Transferring from within the United States

If you are transferring to Cascadia from another college or university in the United States, simply apply for admission by following the above steps. Please note that Cascadia’s Transfer-In Form is a required document among the other application documents. Please contact your previous school and give them the Cascadia's Transfer-In Form. Your previous school should fill out this form and submit it directly to Cascadia. Once you have been accepted by Cascadia, you need to request that your previous school transfer your SEVIS immigration record to us. Your previous school may require that you submit a transfer out form and a copy of Cascadia’s acceptance letter, giving them permission to transfer your record to us.

Once you have completed these steps and your previous school has transferred your immigration record to Cascadia, we will be able to issue a new I-20 for you. 


If you have already been accepted to Cascadia College but are unable to attend on time, we can defer your acceptance to start at a later date. Please contact us and refer to the “Admitted Students” page for more information.

Application form for mailing or fax:

We prefer you use the online application, however you may download an application and submit your application materials via fax, courier, postal service, email, or in person to:

Cascadia College

International Programs Office

18345 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011, United States

Fax: +1 (425) 352-8304, Email:

Apply online