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The BAS in Mobile Application Development is offered as a full-time 90-credit degree program. 

Minor adjustments may be made to the curriculum sequence before the beginning of the quarter.


Technical Writing
Structures and Algorithms (BIT 265)
2-Dimensional Drawing (ART 110)
Design Research Methodologies
(HUM 330)
Society & Ethics in the Digital Age
(SOC 440)
Choose two Natural Sciences designated courses.
One must include a lab. 


Mobile UI Design 
(BIT 271)
Lifecycle Management 
(BIT 340)
Software Design Patterns & Techniques (BIT 350)
Android App Development I
(BIT 371)
Android App Development II
(BIT 372)
Database Programming  
(BIT 375)
iOS App Development I  
(BIT 381)
iOS App Development II 
(BIT 382)
API Development 
(BIT 465)
Mobile Backend Services  
(BIT 470)
Current Trends in Mobile Ecosystem  (BIT 480) Capstone Project
(BIT 490)
Career Development & Networking 
(BIT 495)
Internship project   
(BIT 397/497)


TWO-YEAR SCHEDULE (with 3-year options)

The core classes within this program are scheduled for weekdays at 3:30 pm or later with the understanding that some students may be balancing work and school.*  Students may complete the schedule part-time (3 year track) by focusing on the core classes in years 1 and 2 while completing their remaining coursework over the summer and in year three.


Fall 2018 (15 cr) Winter 2019 (15 cr)  Spring 2019 (10 cr)  Summer 2020 
BIT271     T/Th 3:30 BIT372 (H)     T 3:30 BIT381     T/Th 3:30 Optional - choice coursework
See advisor 
BIT371     T/Th 5:45 BIT340     T/TH 5:45  
BIT350     T/Th 5:45
ENGL&235     Online HUM330 (H)     M 3:30 


Fall 2019 (15 cr) Winter 2020 (15 cr)  Spring 2020 (10 cr)  Summer 2021 
BIT382 (H)     M/W 3:30 BIT465 (H)     W 5:45 BIT480 (2cr)     T/Th 3:30 Optional - choice coursework
See advisor 
BIT375     T/Th 5:45 BIT470     W 5:45  
BIT490 (3 cr) (H)   M 5:45
BIT495 (2 cr) (H)    F 3:30 SOC 440     Online 

Remaining Choice Courses/Credits (18 Credits): (Please see advisor)

  • BIT 265 or ART 110/120
  • Natural Science and Natural Science Lab – 10 credits
  • BIT 396/496 or BIT 397/497 (1-5 credits) – work-based learning credit is arranged with faculty and advisor

(H) – Hybrid Course:
An eLearning course that displaces some, but not all class time with web-based tools. For example, students may attend class on campus one day a week and complete the work for the week online through group projects, discussions, and other activities.

*Schedule is subject to change, please see Mobile Apps academic advisor for more information.

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