ANGEL Instructions for Students

How to Log In 


Enter your user ID and password. Your user ID is your student ID number. Your
password is the first five letters of your last name in lowercase with no
punctuation. (Examples: Johnson = johns, Lee = lee, O’Reilly = oreil)

Please change your password after logging in the first time. Scroll over the
icons on the left margin to find Preferences. Click on the Preferences button,
then Change Password. Make sure the email address listed in your Personal
Information is correct.

Technical Support Resources

Technical Support:

If you need technical support while using ANGEL, visit the Washington Online Help Desk or call Presidium at (866) 425-8412 (toll free).

 Week Zero:

 Check out an ANGEL classroom in our Week Zero Course (with tutorials) by following these directions:

1. When you register for an online or hybrid course we will add you to a Week Zero training course. To access this go to login using your ANGEL login and password. (Instructions are listed above).


2. Go to:

3. Then enter…

    a. Username: weekzero

    b. Password: guest

4. Once logged in look for the ‘Courses’ box then click on “Week Zero – Getting Started with ANGEL”

Student Guide:

All users have access to an excellent Student Guide with numerous screenshots. To access the guide, click on the question mark icon on the left margin of any page in ANGEL.

Mac Users In ANGEL:

1. Use Firefox, not Chrome or Safari. Firefox is available as a free download. 2. Always use extensions when submitting documents (.mov, .jpeg, .doc, .pptx, etc.). ANGEL will not give you an error message, so be sure to check this.

Help Using ANGEL On Campus:

If you are on campus, you can visit the Open Learning Center (OLC) for general help on how to use ANGEL. Please note, the OLC cannot provide technical support (can't log in, ANGEL down, etc). Contact the Presidium Help Desk if technical support is needed.

Contact Us:

Email, call or text Cascadia's eLearning Department if you have any further questions.


Phone: 425.352.8400

Text: 425.780.7171

(Please note: emails will tend to receive a faster response)

ANGEL Help Videos 

Cascadia's eLearning department is building our video library available on the Cascadia eLearning Channel.

Take a walk through a sample ANGEL course with short video guides provided by Green River Community College:

Green River ANGEL Videos  Below are links to videos about specific functionalities often used in ANGEL:

How to run a grade report (1 minute, 19 seconds) Using the Grades tab, this video demonstrates how a student would view their grades by running a grade report.

How to take a test (2 minutes, 45 seconds) This video demos the test taking process including the timer, automatic submission, and viewing the results

How to use a discussion forum (2 minutes, 41 seconds) This video goes over posting to a discussion forum.

How to use a drop box  (2 minutes, 33 seconds) This video reviews using the drop box to submit an assignment, including how to view the score and feedback.