Canvas Instructions for Students

How to Log In

 Go to CANVAS  (

Enter your user ID and password. Your user ID is your student ID number. Your
password is the first six letters of your last name in lowercase with no
punctuation.  If your last name is shorter than 6 characters, type it again
until you reach 6 characters in length. (Examples: Johnson = johnso, Lee =
leelee, O’Reilly = oreill)

Week Zero

If you are new to CANVAS, please self-enroll in the Week Zero tutorial.

Student Guide

All users have access to an excellent Student Guide, created by Instructure, with numerous screenshots.  To access the guide, click on the orange HELP link in the top right corner of the canvas website or navigate to Instructure Guides.

CANVAS and technical requirements

 Use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

 Enable javascripting (if turned off or firewalled)

Always use extensions when submitting documents (.mov, .jpeg, .doc, .pptx,
etc.). CANVAS will not give you an error message, so be sure to check this.

Help Using CANVAS on Campus

 If you are on campus, you can visit the Open Learning Center (OLC) for general help on how to use CANVAS. Please note, the OLC cannot provide technical support (can't log in, CANVAS down, etc).

 Contact the if technical support is needed.