Cascadia Online Classes

To learn more about online classes options and access, please visit:

IMPORTANT: To avoid missing your class, look for the section number OL on your registration. This indicates that you have registered for a fully online course.

If you don’t see the section OL, go to the instructions for the hybrid class.

Online Classes Welcome Letter

Every quarter, we send out two letters to students who have registered in an online course for the upcoming quarter.  The first is sent out approximately two weeks before the quarter begins, the second is the first day of classes.

To access your online course, please visit Cascadia’s CANVAS Course Management System at Please note that this is not a self-pace course.

  • Although you can log into CANVAS now, some faculty may choose not to open the course until the quarter begins.
  • If you are new to CANVAS, I encourage you to work through the Week Zero Tutorial to get familiar with how CANVAS works. You’ll find the link to the Week Zero tutorial with your courses when you login to CANVAS.
  • I also encourage you to visit the eLearning section of the Cascadia website. There, you will find helpful information on being an online learner. You can access that information by going to the eLearning page.
  • Please direct any questions about your course to your individual instructor. Cascadia’s email convention is first initial + last name So, John Doe would be

We hope you have a successful quarter at Cascadia.

Your eLearning Department

Before Classes Begin

 Remember that instructors are on vacation during quarter breaks, so they might not respond to messages during that time.

What to Do

How to Do It

STEP 1.  Look for the section OL on your Student Schedule.

If you don’t see the section OL, go to the instructions for the hybrid (H) classes

  • If your confirmation shows the section OL, go to Step 2.


STEP 2. Confirm that you meet the technical requirements. Make sure that you can log into CANVAS prior to the start of the quarter.

  • Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. (all are available for free download)  DO NOT use Internet Explorer.
  • ALWAYS use extensions when submitting documents (IE: .mov; .jpeg; .doc; .pptx; etc.). CANVAS will not give you an error message so be sure to check this.
  • Check to be sure JavaScript is enabled for CANVAS.


STEP 3. Buy your textbooks. Most eLearning courses require textbooks.


  • On campus at the University Bookstore (between the Cascadia and University of Washington Bothell buildings), OR
  • Online at University Bookstore.


STEP 4. Activate your library card. Even if you don’t plan to use the campus libraries in person, you will need your library card to access research databases online.



STEP 5. Plan time in your schedule to participate in class.


  • Plan on spending at least 10-15 hours a week in class. A 5-credit hybrid class takes at least as much time as a 5-credit class that meets on campus.


STEP 6. Make a backup plan. What computer will you use if your primary computer is unavailable? You will be expected to participate on time, regardless of technical problems.


  • Plan to use a campus computer, a work computer, a friend’s computer, or other alternatives.


First Day of a Cascadia Online Class

IMPORTANT: To avoid missing your class, look for the code OL on your Student Schedule. If you don’t see the section OL, go to the instructions for the hybrid (H) or classes.

Log In to Your Class Website

Online classes allow for a lot of freedom, but they are not self-paced. You will have regular assignments, and it is important to start them on the first day. If you won’t be able to do that, contact your instructor.

Review the Class Website

Each instructor uses CANVAS in a slightly different way. Be sure you know where to find and submit assignments, how to take tests, and so on. If you have questions, ask your instructor for clarification.

Check That Your Email Address Is Correct

Email is the primary way that your instructor will get in touch with you. Be sure that your email address is correct in both of these places:

Print Out Your Syllabus and Calendar

Your instructor will provide lots of important information in the syllabus and/or calendar. Print out those documents and read them, and keep the printouts in your textbook. Put key dates (tests, due dates, and so on) in your personal calendar. Note your instructor’s phone number in case you need to contact him or her and cannot use a computer.

Online classes require regular participation. If you find that you can’t participate regularly, let your instructor know right away.  

Help with Cascadia Online and Hybrid Classes

The first 2 weeks of an online or hybrid class can be the most challenging weeks of the quarter. Don’t give up. If you have trouble, look here for help.

In general, you can log in to your class website 1 week before the quarter begins, but your instructor may choose not to provide access to your particular class website until the first day of class.

What to Do

How to Do It

Make sure that you are following the instructions for your class type.


  • If you don’t see the section OL, go to the instructions for the hybrid (H) classes

Password or CANVAS problems

  • Contact eLearning: you can get technical help by emailing elhelp@cascadia.eduor calling 425-352-8166.


Class content and coursework: Contact your instructor.



Academic advising: Contact the eLearning academic advisor.



Help with any issue: You can always contact the eLearning office for help with any issue.


  • Contact eLearning: you can get technical help by emailing or calling 425-352-8166.