University Transfer


Cascadia can prepare you to transfer to a four-year university as a junior. In the United States, the first two years of a bachelor's degree program usually consist of general education courses. Many American students complete those first two years at community college, earning an associate degree, and then transfer to complete their third and fourth years at a university. 

Cascadia has transfer degree programs that prepare you for nearly any major, including business, mathematics, biological sciences, environmental/earth sciences, chemistry, geology, physics, pre-med, engineering, computer science and more. As a Cascadia student, you will receive personalized advising with one of our transfer experts.


Claire from China

Cascadia’s transfer advisors will help you tailor your academic courses to the fit the requirements of the university you want to transfer to. First step, make an appointment with an advisor. Follow these next steps before your appointment:


  • Establish a short list of university programs you want to transfer to.
  • Do internet research on each of these institutions to learn about:
    • Application deadlines.
    • Whether departments have separate application processes from the college/university at large.
    • Whether the university requires any type of high school completion credential in order for student to be eligible for admission.
    • Which academic terms the programs of interest admit students.
    • Program-specific prerequisites for entry.
  • Contact the universities you are interested in attending, and share their recommendations with your Cascadia advisor. 

Our university partners

Cascadia has partnered with top universities to ensure that they will accept all of Cascadia's two-year associate degree credits. International students may receive guaranteed conditional acceptance to a United States university upon acceptance to Cascadia College. The guaranteed conditional acceptance requires students to meet the conditions of the university including completion of the associate degree with a minimum grade point average (GPA), each university has its own GPA requirements.

Guaranteed transfer acceptance to these colleges and universities

Cascadia International students have been accepted into top universities in the United States including the following: