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Spring 2019 Learning Communities

Learning Communities pair two courses that are team-taught by two instructors. Students are automatically enrolled in both courses. Instruction, coursework, and assignments develop disciplinary skills and interconnections between the disciplines.

Live Deep: Mindfulness and Human Flourishinglearning community poster image with text: Live deep, Mindfulness and Human Flourishing

Brent Schaeffer and Seraphine Shen-Miller  
Sec LCH    TTh    1:15pm-3:20pm    TOTAL 10 credits   

SS - In this 10.0 credit learning community combining ENGL& 102 and PSYC& 100, students will engage in the critical examination of human flourishing from both a scientific and creative perspective. Exploring the topic of mindfulness, students will explore a variety of texts, both poetic and scientific, before developing their own psychology research project.

Students, engaged in the doing of psychology research from start to finish, will:

  1. Develop research questions and hypotheses
  2. Use information literacy to evaluate sources
  3. Manage and synthesize multiple sources of information to produce a research design.

A focus on the process of both scientific discovery and writing, via reflection and metacognition, will accompany the research, as students will explore the connections between psychology, writing, and their own lives.  ​

Prerequisite(s): Completion of COLL 101 AND ENGL& 101 with a grade of 2.0 or higher.

Students are required to register for both courses below for a total of 10.0 credits:
Item 2600 ENGL& 102: Composition II
Item 4080 PSYC& 100: General Psychology