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Learning Community for Winter Quarter 2019


Learning communities are a mash up of two distinct courses, taught by two fabulous instructors, for double the credits and double the time. Students say learning communities help them to think about subjects in new and more meaningful ways. Cascadia is offering one learning community during Winter Quarter.


The Stories We Tell:
20th Century US History & Literature

Robyn Ferret and Gene Taylor
Sec LCH   MW    1:15pm-3:20pm    TOTAL 10 credits 

CKR, GS, H, SS - In this learning community combining ENGL& 245
and HIST& 148, students will be introduced to major themes and issues relevant to 20th Century United States literature and history. Students
will interrogate a variety of texts in terms of the social conditions and historical contexts which produced them, cultivating both literary analysis and historical thinking skills as they draw conclusions and make meaning from the intersections of contradictory sources. The scholar’s dependence on the imaginative construction of referential narratives will anchor course readings, discussions, and interactive projects, with an emphasis on the diverse experience of the nation’s identity.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of ENGL& 101 with a grade of 2.0 or higher.

Students are required to register for both courses below
for a total of 10.0 credits:
Item 2720 ENGL& 245 U.S. Literature II
Item 4450 SOC 150 Social Inequality

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