Highlighted Courses


Summer Quarter 2014


Intermediate Programming and Programming Data Structures 

Work on your monitor tan this summer while working towards your computer science, engineering, or programming degree or certificate. Choose from either an online or hybrid section. The hybrid section meets from 11:30 am -2:30 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Register for BIT 142/143 with instructor Mike Panitz


Abnormal Psychology 

How are psychological disorders created, labeled, and categorized in the US? What’s the relationship between pharmaceuticals and mental illness? How do societal views about different disorders vary throughout different cultures? Delve into these questions on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:15 - 11:15 am this summer.

Register for PSYC&220 with instructor Denise Michaels 


Pre-Fall Intensive 2014


College Strategies

Interested in majoring in Science or Engineering? Want to get a head start on a successful first year in college? Enroll in special Science & Engineering-focused Pre-Fall sections of College 101. Courses run from Tuesday, September 2 through Thursday, September 11, excluding the weekend. Completion of college 101 is a requirement for graduation.

Register for COLL 101 with Sadie Rosenthal (Section 1, Science) or Mohan Raj (Section 4, Engineering).


Fall Quarter 2014


The Art of Misdirection

People frequently complain that American politics is just a game--but what if we study the game as an art? The Art of Misdirection is a learning community that combines English 101 with Political Science 202, and asks students to look at how rhetoric impacts democracy and to consider the implications on our lives and our political institutions. This course will fulfill the Integrative Learning Community requirement for a degree in Integrated Studies.

Register for LRNCM001 with instructors Erin Richards and David Underwood


Introduction to Environmental Sciences

Conversations about conservation! Learn all about Wetland Ecology by exploring Cascadia's own backyard, while becoming well-versed in the ecological and social impacts of wetlands and wetlands loss.

Register for ENVS&101) with instructor Midori Sakura


Introduction to Sociology

What does it mean for someone to say that they “don’t see color”? How do race and ethnicity play out in public issues and current events, on the news and in the media? In this class, students will investigate patterns of race and ethnic relations in the contemporary US. This class fulfills the Cultural Knowledge Requirement.

Register for SOC&101 with instructor Shaun Genter


Going All the Way: Thinking and Writing about Sex

Oscar Wilde said, "Everything in the world is about sex except sex itself. Sex is about power." Delve into an exploration of the multiple aspects of human sexuality, including sexual identity, intimate relationships, and sexual behavior in this learning community that combines English 101 and Psychology 180. This course will fulfill the Integrative Learning Community requirement for a degree in Integrated Studies.

Register for LRNCM003 with Jared Leising and Catherine Crain


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