Computing ServicesComputing Services

Cascadia College's Information Services Department acquires, develops and maintains technologies to help students, faculty and staff at Cascadia achieve success.

Cascadia is committed to ensuring that it maintains its foothold in equipping the campus with advanced technology. Cascadia students have access to computers with either Windows 7 or Macintosh OS X  operating systems in classrooms, the Learning Center and breakout areas throughout campus.  Applications that are available for use include Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe Creative Cloud,  and Autodesk Design Suite 2017.

The student computers on campus are on a staggered 4-year replacement schedule which is partly funded by a student-approved technology fee. The operating systems and core applications are upgraded on a regular basis to keep students up-to-date with the software used in the business world and in Cascadia classes.

Cascadia classrooms are equipped with ePodiums enabling instructors to enhance the classroom experience with multimedia presentations.

The Learning Center offers an extensive list of technology related services including a large computer lab, Macintosh based video editing stations, technology assistance and equipment check-out (laptops, calculators and audio-video equipment) for students.