Guidelines for Earthquake


Earthquakes are a significant potential threat to the greater Seattle area, with a fault zone running through the middle of the city. Cascadia's buildings and were designed and constructed to resist earthquakes. Even so, in the event of an earthquake it is important to remember to drop, cover, and hold.


 If you are indoors:

  • Drop, cover, and hold
  • Stay inside and move away from exterior walls, windows, book shelves, or any objects that could fall 
  • Shelter under a desk or against an interior wall
  • Stay in place until shaking stops
  • Do not use elevators

If you are outdoors:

  • Stay outside and move to an open area away from buildings, trees, utility poles, and lines
  • Don't go near buildings since the risk of falling brick or debris is high
  • Avoid the campus garages

After the earthquake:

  • Check yourself and others
  • Be prepared for after shocks
  • Wait for permission to evacuate. Campus Safety & Security will assess exits and let you know when it is safe to leave.
  • After you have received permission, collect belongings and evacuate the building
  • If the fire alarm was triggered fire gates will automatically close and block off interior stair wells. Fire doors in hallways will also close. You can easily open them by pushing on the bar in the middle of the door.
  • Cascadia's evacuation team members will be stationed on each floor to help you safely exit.
  • Do not go to the garage until instructed that it is safe to do so.

For additional information please watch this short video and refer to this government website.