poster for new student accounts


Want access to... Printing? Cascadia computers? A UW Net ID? The full Office 365 suite downloaded to your personal devices? Of course you do. The only way to access it is with your new student account. Click here to look up your account information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an account?

Beginning February 15, your new Student Account at is the only way you can access the following services and benefits:


  • A email address
  • Printing
  • Use of Cascadia computers
  • Access to the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)
  • Remote computer access
  • Ability to get a UW Net ID so you can use all the library resources
  • The entire Office 365 suite on up to five personal computers and devices


It also makes many of the processes (such as getting your student ID card) more efficient since it ties into Cascadia's existing tech infrastructure.

How do I access my account?

Your account has already been created for you. Follow the steps below to access your account:

  1. You will need your SID # and PIN for step two
  2. Click here to look up your account name.
  3. Click the link to "reset your password" just beneath your user name.
  4. Now you can login from any computer on campus or from remote locations 


How do I log on to my new email account?

If you are logging on to your email account from campus, please use these instructions: on campus login


If you are logging on to your email account off campus, you'll want to follow these steps: off campus login

What if I already have a Cascadia email account?

If you already have a student email account then it has been switched over for you! You will be able to access the same benefits you are used to, but now you also have access to the entire Office 365 suite. You can download the software free to as many as five personal devices.

Will the Cascadia email account replace my personal account?

Cascadia still has your personal email account on file and will use it to contact you for official business such as financial aid deadlines, waitlists, and other critical information.

How will Cascadia use this email to communicate with me?

There are some types of email correspondence that Cascadia will send both to your personal email and to your email, such as Student Life events and beginning of quarter welcome letters.

What if I have technical issues?

If you experience any technical challenges with your new Student Account please contact the Cascadia helpdesk:

Will the email exist forever?

The email associated with your student account will be terminated after you have not been enrolled at Cascadia for five consecutive quarters.

Who has access to my email address?

Access to your student email address is limited to just a few departments at the college. Cascadia's Student Success Services (Kodiak Corner), Student Life, and IT departments will be able to send you emails. Your instructors and other college personnel will not have access to your email addresses at this time.

Will everyone have access to my directory information via Outlook?

Neither students nor staff will have access to the Student Global Address Book, which holds the directory information.