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We are now accepting applications for fall tutoring and SI leader positions. If you are interested, please review the 'Becoming a Tutor' tab for tutor positions and the Supplemental Instruction tab for SI leader positions.



Looking for the Open Learning Center (OLC) or Math and Writing Center (MWC)? You are in the right place!  

The two spaces have merged to form Cascadia’s Learning Center. The Learning Center provides a range of services and support for students. We provide space for students to work individually or in small groups, computer and printing resources, and we offer tutoring in a range of subjects on a drop-in and appointment basis. We have calculators and textbooks available for check-out, and we provide support for Canvas use and account access. Please click on the links below to learn more about our services.


Location: CC2-060 and CC2-080
Learning Center Main Phone: 425-352-8229
Appointment Phone (to schedule or cancel a tutoring appointment): 425-352-8243
Email Address: learningcenter@cascadia.edu

                   Learning Center Hours                         Summer Quarter: July 5- August 24, 2017 

Monday - Thursday
8:30 am-6:00pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

                   Tutoring Hours                         Summer Quarter: July 5- August 24, 2017 

Monday - Thursday
8:30 am-6:00pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday CLOSED
CLOSURES-Tutoring Only 
Wednesday, July 5th CLOSED: First day of classes
Thursday, August 24th  CLOSED: Last day of classes


  • Math, Science, & BIT Tutoring

    Need a little help with math or science?

    Tutors are available on a walk-in basis to help you with your math, science or BIT classes . Come in to study for exams or just to do your daily homework. If you get stuck, someone will be there to help. Tutors can work with you one-on-one or lead group problem-solving sessions.

  • Writing Tutoring

    Need a little writing help?

    The Learning Center staff believes that anyone can learn how to write well. We also believe that writing is a skill that continues to develop over a lifetime, and that even accomplished writers can improve their writing. 

  • E-tutoring

    Looking for online help?

    Etutoring is available for most subjects. Submit a paper to the eWriting lab, echat with a tutor in your subject area, or utilize the offline eQuestion service.

  • Supplemental Instruction

    Looking for a study group?

    Supplemental Instruction, or facilitated study groups, are offered for a selection of courses each term. Click here to learn more and see this quarter’s offerings.

  • Becoming a Tutor

    Need to feel helpful?

    Excel in math and writing? Love helping your classmates? Want to put your math, science, and writing skills to use? Join the Learning Center team and become a tutor.