The Cascadia Activities Board is a committee of students that sponsors a variety of arts, lectures, recreation, wellness, and entertainment programs.


Cascadia Activities Board Members:



Hello there my name is Jessica Peterson and I am the Chair of Cascadia's Activities Board! I started going to Cascadia last summer in 2012 & started by just taking one class which was Nutrition 101. Ever since that class I had a good feeling about Cascadia. I grew up in the Bothell area for 6 years, I was aware of Cascadia and UWB when I lived here but I moved to Olympia during highschool. I never thought I would be back here in Bothell again. I've been able to meet so many awesome people from being apart of the Activties Board. I am always open to hearing what kind of events YOU want to have on campus, so feel free & stop by when you get a chance we would love to hear from you!


Jessica Peterson.

CAB Chair



Hi There! My name is Siyu Tian, and you can call me Siyu, it sounds just like "see you." I spent six years in Israel, then, moved to London where I stayed for one year before going back to China when I was eight years old. I came here in 2011 and began my study in Cascadia College in September the same year. This is my second year and I'm planning to transfer to a four year University next year. I've attended many events on campus and liked participating in those interesting events created by Cascadia Activities Board (CAB). Now, I am on CAB as the Arts and Issues Coordinator. I enjoy living here and meeting new people around in my life. I hope I could plan some really exciting events for our students on campus and let more people enjoy their college life! 


Siyu Tian

CAB Arts and Issues




Ay yo wassup? My names Nicole Elizabeth-Sarah McKnight, it's a mouthful, I know, so most people call me Nicole. I will soon be in my second year here at Cascadia community college and wow has it been quite the journey. Im a second generation Cascadia student, meaning my Mom attended and graduated from here as well. Currently I hold a position on Cascadia's activity board, or CAB, as series coordinator. That means that I get to plan super fun events that you all get to attend. A few things that are important to me are my little sister, my mom, my friends, and God. I'm super loud and friendly so if you ever just want to chat come find me! I'm always down to listen.

Nicole McKnight

CAB Series



"What up peeps! My name is Jamie Fang and I will be your Recreation and Wellness Coordinator in  CAB starting Spring Quarter 2014. I came to Cascadia last summer in 2013 and started off as the communication person in Cascadia's International Club. I’m here as a transfer student, majoring in biology or the like. As long as it is a major with biology in it! Anyways, I’m excited to present you some events on campus and feel free to join us! (Yes! We have free food! And you are welcome!)

Any event you want to see on campus? No problem, we’re on it! Just come by and we are more than happy to hear your voice!”


Jamie Fang

CAB Recreation and Wellness Coordinator