imageClub Checklists and Forms

All forms must be submitted to the Office of Student Life, Located in ARC 140.


Important Club Information

  • Quarterly Update Form

    • Each quarter, each club must fill out a quarterly update form in order to keep their club recognition status. 
  • Club Handbook

    • All the info club leaders need to know about policies, procedures, and resources in order to function on campus




Club Event Request Forms


  •  Club Structure and Paperwork Timeline
    • Please check out the Club Structure and Paperwork Timeline to make sure your requests are submitted on time! This timeline contains all of the deadlines associated with all of the forms located on this page. 
  • Club Action Form

    • All clubs requesting funding must submit a Club Action Form to The Office of Student Life at least two days prior to the next Club Council and/or CSG meeting.  
  • Club Event Checklist

    • Use the Club Event Checklist to help walk through any event you are hosting, big or small. This list will help guide you through the event planning process. All clubs who are planning to host an event on campus must meet with The Office of Student Life before submitting their Club Action Form to request funding. 
  • Club Post Event Evaluation

    • After each event, clubs must submit a Club Post Event Evaluation to the Office of Student Life within one week after the event. 



Club Marketing & Publicity Forms

  • Graphic Request Form 

    • Would you like the Student Life Graphic Designer to create a poster for you? Use this form to submit your requests!
  • Posting Guidelines

    • These are the Cascadia College posting guidelines. All fliers posted on campus must be approved before they are posted on campus. You can get your posters approved by taking them to the information desk on the 1st level of CC1.




Travel Requests Forms

  • Student Club Approval for Travel 

    • All clubs who wish to travel must submit a Student Club Approval for Travel Form with their Club Action Form. See Club Structure and Paperwork Timeline for important deadlines!
  • Field Trip Authorization Form 

    • All clubs who wish to travel must submit a Field Trip Authorization Form with their Student Club Approval for Travel Form.
  • Van Usage Request Form 
    • Cascadia has a motorpool available for clubs to use for approved club travel. If your club would like to use a vehicle from the motorpool, you must fill out the Van Usage Request Form. 
  • Liability Waiver
    • Every student attending a club sponsored travel activity must submit a Liability Waiver to the Office of Student Life prior to the trip. Students will not be allowed to travel with the club without a signed Liability Waiver.