language learning labThis space is for YOU, so make yourself at home!

Welcome to the Language Learning Center!


The Language Learning Center (LLC) was designed to provide you, a language learner, with help, resources, tools, events, and ideas to support you as you become more fluent in a new language and culture. 

World Languages Cafe

Join us in the Language Learning Center for informal, drop-in conversation groups, games, and other activities to practice world languages and engage with speakers from across campus and the community.  All are welcome. 

Online and In-Person Tutoring

The Language Learning Center offers drop-in tutoring on campus and on Zoom. Please visit the Bock Learning Center's Canvas site to view this quarter's tutoring schedule. 



    FREE, personalized, peer tutoring and conversation practice.


    Studying Resources 

    We have study tables, films in a variety of languages, language-learning games, reading nooks and materials, and conversation sessions.



     A variety of language and culture-centered events take place each quarter. 


    Global Studies Degree

    Put your love of language and culture to use!