Career Exploration

Upcoming Events

Careers & the disABLED

A Career Expo For People With Disabilities that brings industry and government together with people with disabilities who are entry level and professionals in all career disciplines.

  • Held virtually on Wednesday, July 12th

STEM Diversity Career Expo

A Career Expo that brings industry and government together with members of minority groups, women and people with disabilities in the SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, and MATHEMATICS (STEM) career disciplines.

  • Held virtually on Wednesday, August 16th.

Recorded Major Info Sessions

Engineering Info Session – Recording/Video

Cascadia faculty Mohan Raj presents information about careers and degree options within Engineering.

Social Sciences Info Session – Recording/Video

Cascadia faculty present information about career and degree options within the Social Sciences, including Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

  • Psychology with Garth Neufield, 0:00 - 11:01
  • Anthropology with Hannah Flesch, 11:01 - 20:06
  • Social Science with Dr. Lindsay Custer, 20:06 - 35:55
  • Political Science with Erin Richards, 35:55 - 48:40

Art & Creative Writing Info Session – Recording/video

Cascadia faculty present information about career and degree options within the Humanities areas of Art and Creative Writing.

  • Art with Chris Gildow, 0:00 - 10:57
  • Art with Kathy Brown, 10:57 - 26:48
  • Creative Writing with Brent Schaeffer, 26:48 - 40:30
  • Creative Writing with Jared Leising, 40:30 - 46:27

Humanities Info Session – Recording/video

Cascadia faculty present information about career and degree options within the Humanities areas of Communications, Global Studies, History, and Philosophy.

  • Communications Studies with David Ortiz, 00:00 - 9:06
  • Global Studies with Tasha Walston, 9:06 - 16:09
  • History with Jesus Perez, 16:09 - 20:26
  • Philosophy with David Shapiro, 20:26 - 30:40

Career Assessments

Cascadia Preferred Assessments

Career Planner & WOIS CIS360 (Screen-Reader Friendly)

Use these programs to:

  • Take Career Assessments.
  • Learn how your interests, skills, and values match career areas.
  • Explore careers, including typical duties, hiring outlooks, wages, and education needed.
  • Find schools in Washington that offer the degree you need.
  • And more!

Currently enrolled students can access these programs through this Canvas page.

Additional Assessment Sites

Major & Career Searching Sites

Job Search

Job Hunting Strategies

  1. Prepare for the hunt
  2. Network
  3. Informational Interview
  4. Finding a job in a tight market
  5. Job search checklist

Popular Job Websites

There are numerous job search engines on the web. Check out different websites since many have unique features and additional links to other resources. Here are some of the most popular websites:

Government & public sector websites

Here are some websites for you to explore in the public and government sectors. Remember to also check out job sites by industry and employer career sites.

Specialized Job Websites

These websites provide information about particular aspects of careers and job searching in specialized areas.

Application Material Resources

Cheat Sheets

Cover Letters

Communicate your unique abilities with a targeted cover letter. We offer cover letter critiques, sample letters, and additional writing resources.


If you follow these tips, your cover letter has a better chance of standing out.

  • Research the company. Target your cover letter for each individual position. Address the letter to a specific person in the organization whenever possible.
  • Highlight your accomplishments. Illustrate your top qualities and skills without repeating your resume. Indicate how your strongest qualifications can benefit the employer's needs. Cite accomplishments you can measure and that are pertinent to the job.
  • Follow the cover letter format. Limit your letter to 3 short paragraphs with a few fact-filled bullets. Explain the reason you are applying for the position. Show your knowledge about the organization. Next, express what you can bring to the job and how you can benefit the organization. Thank the employer and include your contact information. Proofread your letter. Meet with a career advisor and get a free critique of your cover letter.

Additional Resources

Cover letter samples and advice


Polish your interviewing skills. Learn how to prepare and practice your skills in a mock interview.

Here are some additional resources for preparing for an interview.

Student Employment

Students may review community and campus job openings by viewing the campus job board in the Kodiak Corner.

Community employers may submit job openings by emailing a printable attachment, with job details, to, or by mailing information to:

Cascadia Career & Transfer Center
18345 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011