How to Get an Internship


Here are the steps you would take to get academic credit for an internship:

  • Meet with a career advisor and pick up an internship packet.
  • Find a faculty member to be your faculty advisor.
  • Create a Learning and Training Agreement with your faculty advisor.
  • Register for the internship credit.
  • Turn in the paperwork to the Career and Transfer Center.

Where do I find an internship?


Finding an internship is similar to finding a job. You'll want to have your resume ready. Networking with faculty, friends and family members is a good place to start. Check out internship websites, job posting sites, Sno-King Career Consortium, and local non-profit organizations.


Once I find an internship, do I have to do it for credit?


Getting an internship is a great way to gain experience while still in school.  If you want it to be officially on your transcript as an internship, you might be interested in getting credit.  Some internship supervisors will require that you get credit.  If you need general elective credit, it might also be a good option for you.  The most important aspect of an internship, however, is the experience.  If you do not need credit, we encourage you to pursue an internship and include it on your resume.


Does the internship have to be paid?


If you can find an internship that is paid, congratulations.  It is not required to be a paid internship in order to qualify for academic credit.


Who should I contact to be a faculty advisor?


If you have worked with a faculty member before or taken a few classes from the same professor, you might consider this person as a likely candidate.  You can find office and contact information by looking at the Faculty and Staff Directory.  We refer students to faculty based on the type of work involved in the internship.  For example, if someone is interning at a radio station, we'd suggest faculty with a background and passion for communications or media.


What is a Learning and Training Agreement?


Created by you and the faculty advisor, the Agreement is similar to a syllabus.  It specifies the outcomes you need to achieve to receive credit for the internship.  An internship is graded and will involve input from your internship site supervisor.