Internship Programs and Requirements

These conditions apply to internships for academic credit.  If you want to do an internship, but don't need academic credit for it, contact us at the Career and Transfer Center for help finding an internship in your area of study.


Work Location and Terms


Your internship can be on or off campus, paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time.


Academic Requirements


You and your faculty advisor create a Learning and Training Agreement that details the academic requirements for your internship.  The faculty advisor will grade you on the basis of your performance as detailed in the Agreement.  The Agreement must be descriptive and concrete.  It must include criteria and measurable outcomes for evaluating how the internship enhances skills that you already have, and what new skills you learned from the internship.Your internship should be a substantive experience that relates significantly to your academic program and/or career goals.


You must register for a for-credit internship and pay tuition just as you do for classes; your faculty advisor will provide a course number and sign a Credit Registration Form.  If an internship isn't required for your program, or if you don't need the credits, there's no need to do the internship for credit.  Do an internship for the experience!


Credit and Hours


The number of hours you will work per week is specified in your Learning and Training Agreement.  The maximum number of internship credits you can register for in any given quarter is 5.  Each credit requires 55 hours of work.  For example, you would receive 1 credit for an 11-week internship averaging 5 hours a week.  You cannot receive retroactive credit for hours you work before you register.


You need to report any changes at the workplace that affect your internship status (layoffs, cutback in hours, dismissal, or change in work duties that change the substance of the work experience, such as harassment) to your faculty advisor and the Career and Transfer Center.


Length of Internship


To receive academic credit for an internship within a given quarter, you must start the internship with enough time remaining in the quarter to complete the internship at a reasonable pace.  For example, it would not be realistic to expect 2 credits for an internship by the end of the quarter if you start 2 weeks before the end of the quarter, since you would have to work 55 hours a week to finish on time.


You can continue with the same employer for successive internships, but you must complete a new or revised Learning and Training Agreement each quarter.




The faculty advisor gives a letter grade for your internship according to your success in achieving the outcomes specified in your Learning and Training Agreement.


Roles and Responsibilities



  • Work with the faculty advisor to define the learning outcomes of your internship;
  • Sign an internship contract (an agreement to comply with Cascadia's general internship guidelines and policies) and submit any other documents requested by the career advisor (see How to Get an Internship); and
  • Behave in a professional manner and hold in confidence any legally "privileged" (confidential) information from or about your employer.
  • If you feel victimized by a work-related incident (such as job misrepresentation, unethical activities, sexual harassment, or discrimination), you must immediately contact your faculty advisor and the Career and Transfer Center.


Faculty Advisor

  • Works with you and with your site supervisor to determine the internship's academic requirements (documented in the Learning and Training Agreement);
  • Evaluates your performance midway through the internship and visits your internship site to get input from your supervisor on your performance; and
  • Awards academic credit and submits a grade at the end if you meet the conditions of the Learning and Training Agreement.


Site supervisor (employer)

  • The site supervisor is the owner or an employee of the local business, agency, or non-profit where you (the student) do the internship. 
  • The site supervisor supervises you at the internship and evaluates your performance.