A great interview can make your job hunt successful. Review our interview preparation handout, check out the interviewing websites below, and practice your interviewing skills with a career advisor in a mock interview session.


Keys to a Successful Interview


Here are some tips to help you interview well.  Preparation and research are vital to your success.

  • Be Prepared. Review your skills, education, and accomplishments. Translate these to strengths that relate to the position. Research the company and learn about its products, history, and financial status. Leave plenty of time to get to the interview and to find parking.

  • Be Professional. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for the interview. Greet with a firm handshake, smile, and direct eye contact. Dress appropriately by wearing a clean, conservative outfit. Remember to turn off your cell phone.

  • Be Positive. Have an enthusiastic attitude. Being positive shows employers you are highly motivated. Demonstrate that you are team player with specific examples. Answer questions honestly and stay focused on answering the question.

  • Be Polished. Practice your introduction and responses to questions; ask a faculty member or career advisor to do a mock interview with you. After the interview, be sure to give another handshake, smile, and make direct eye contact. Thank the interviewer and follow-up with a thank you email or letter.

Interviewing Websites


Here are some websites that offer information and advice about interviews.