Care Team Concerned Student Report

 This report is used to report non-emergency concerns regarding a Cascadia student for behavioral, conduct, general wellness or bias incidents.

For emergencies dial 911 or the King County Crisis Line at 1-866-4-CRISIS.

Campus Safety can be reached for non-emergencies such as safety escorts or reporting suspicious activity at 425.352.5359.

Please provide detailed information regarding the concern you are reporting. A representative from the Cascadia's CARE Team or Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) will respond within one business day. The CARE Team and BIRT will review the information provided and coordinate a response to the situation to connect the the student(s) to the appropriate campus or community resources.

Applicable laws and policies (ex. FERPA) may limit the amount of information that the CARE Team and BIRT may provide in response to a report.

Anonymous reports are accepted but may limit the CARE Team or BIRT's ability to respond.

Aroha Compassion Emergency Grant

Students who encounter emergency financial circumstances that jeopardize their ability to be successful students at Cascadia may apply for emergency financial assistance through the Aroha Compassion Grant program. These small grants are designed to cover a variety of one-time expenses. Documentation of the need is required.

To learn more about the Aroha Compassion Emergency Grant, check out Student Support Programs.

Academic Alert 

Academic alerts is a reporting system in which academically risky behaviors such a poor attendance, not logging into Canvas, repeatedly missing or late assignments, and poor classroom participation are identified and reported early. Research shows that early academic intervention through an academic alert system involving both the instructor and academic advisor is a best practice to promote student success and completion for students at-risk of failing a class.  

If you have any students in your class who you feel are falling behind or might benefit by a broader intervention please submit a report on the following Early Academic Alert Form. You can also submit an academic alert report through the CARE Team form below.

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Type of Incident
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Please click the submit button only once. If the submit button appears again you are missing required information. The required information will be highlighted. Please scroll up and fill in the required information and click submit again.

Your request may take up to 60 seconds to process. Do not navigate away from this page until the confirmation message displays above on this page.