Counseling Services

Counseling Services Available for Cascadia College Students at the UWB Counseling Center

Counseling services are available to any student who is struggling with issues including family conflict, divorce, substance abuse, depression, grief and loss, and anxiety about academic achievement. Counseling is confidential, professional, and free.

Cascadia College offers counseling services to Cascadia students through a partnership with the UWB Counseling Center. Cascadia College students who are enrolled for the current quarter in session may receive up to 6 free counseling sessions of individual counseling per academic year. Cascadia College students are also eligible to participate in Counseling Center groups which lasts 4-10 weeks. Enrollment in Counseling Center classes and groups do not count toward the 6 session yearly limit. See counseling website for current skills group/classes:

CONTACT UWB Counseling Center 

The Counseling Center offers Phone or Zoom video-counseling.
No in-person counseling is being offered at this time. On campus location closed.

Appointments: Call 425.352.3183 during virtual office hours to book appointments
Virtual Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm


Campus Safety

For emergencies dial 911 or the King County Crisis Line at 1-866-4-CRISIS.

Campus Safety can be reached for non-emergencies such as safety escorts or reporting suspicious activity at 425.352.5359.



Aroha Compassion Emergency Grant

Students who encounter emergency financial circumstances that jeopardize their ability to be successful students at Cascadia may apply for emergency financial assistance through the Aroha Compassion Grant program. These small grants are designed to cover a variety of one-time expenses. Documentation of the need is required.

To learn more about the Aroha Compassion Emergency Grant, check out Student Support Programs.



How to Schedule an Appointment

Cascadia College students who are enrolled in the current quarter may receive up to 6 free counseling sessions.

You may schedule an initial intake appointment by calling the Counseling Center at 425.352.3183 or come by UW1-080 and speak to the receptionist. You will be asked to arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment with the counselor to complete forms on a computer tablet. The forms include demographic information and questions that tell us how you are functioning in various areas of your life. After you complete the forms, you will have your intake interview. You will meet with a counselor who will go over your concerns in detail and ask more general questions about your life and functioning. Once the intake interview is complete, the counselor will recommend treatment for you, based on his or her professional opinion.

The Counseling Center does not have walk-in services. Appointments must be scheduled. If a student is in crisis, the Counseling Center will attempt to create a same day appointment if possible.

Contact UWB Counseling Center

Appointments: Call 425.352.3183 or come by UW1-080 to schedule an appointment
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am-5pm


 In partnership with the UW Bothell Counseling Center, there are three counselors who are licensed mental health professionals (Dr. Rosemary Simmons and Dr. Cheryl Stolz, licensed psychologists; Ms. Leah Bridger, LMFT) and provide a broad range of treatment approaches, depending on the unique needs of each client. Approaches your counselor may use include cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, interpersonal, emotionally-focused, and other treatment that the counselor and you feel will best meet your needs.

Within these approaches, counselors actively incorporate the personal and cultural values and experiences that reflect the diversity that each individual brings.

On Campus CARE Team

CARE stands for Consultation, Assessment, Response, Education

The Cascadia CARE Team is here to assist with:

  • Consultation and support to faculty, staff and administrators in assisting students who display concerning or disruptive behavior
  • Connecting students with college and community resources
  • Monitoring ongoing behavior of students who have displayed concerning or disruptive behavior


When you contact the CARE Team for assistance, a team member will respond within one business day. You may also stop by the office of or phone a CARE Team member to initiate support. Once the CARE Team has been alerted to a situation, members will meet to implement the assessment process.


The members are:


Gordon Dutrisac – Chair
Director of Student Advising & Support Services / Student Conduct Officer
Office: CC1-130B / 425.352.8288


Erin Blakeney
Dean for Student Success Services
Office: CC1-131C / 425.352.8534


Bryan Fauth
Assistant Director of Student Advising & Support Services, Disability Support Services
Office: CC1-130E / 425.352.8261


Cham Kao
Director for Campus Safety
Office: LB2-005 / Dispatch: 425.352.5359


Becky Riopel
Director of Student Life
Office: ARC-140 / 425.352.8545


Julie Buktenica
Office: CC2-361 / 425.352.8634 


Rosemary Simmons
UWB, Director of Counseling Center
Office: UW1-080 / 425.352.3582


Erik Tingelstad
Dean for Student Learning
Office: CC1-144 / 425.352.8277


Yukari Zednick
Director of International Programs
Office: CC1-052 / 425.352.8413



Additional Resources

These services are not provided by Cascadia but are available to you:

King County 24-hour Crisis Clinic

King County Sexual Assault Resource Line

Snohomish County 24-hour Crisis Line
425.258.4357 or 1.800.584.3578

Skagit County 24-hour Crisis Line

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

24-Hour Alcohol/Drug Helpline