High School Completion

Cascadia offers a high school completion program for adults (anyone 18 and over by the first day of the quarter) who want to complete requirements to earn a high school diploma.

About the Program

After you submit an application to the college, you meet with an advisor to plan what classes you will take to complete the requirements for a high school diploma. You will take Accuplacer placement tests that determine which classes you take first.

  • Based on your assessment results, you may take college level classes that count toward both your high school diploma and a college degree.
  • You must earn a 2.0 or higher grade point average (GPA) in each course required for the diploma, in addition to completing a minimum of 5 credits at Cascadia.
  • Depending on the date you originally started high school, you may also be required to meet Washington state requirements.

Age & Residency

  • If you are 18 years of age and have been a Washington state resident for at least one year, you pay full resident tuition. You must show your driver's license or Washington state ID as proof of residency. If you have not been a Washington state resident for at least one year, you pay full nonresident tuition.
  • If you are at least 19 by the first day of the quarter, you qualify for reduced tuition through a state waiver.

Please see the High School Completion Pathways to determine your option or pathway.

How to Apply:

      1. Review the Adult High School Completion Info Sheet

        There are two ways to get the Adult HS Completion Info Sheet:

      2. Apply for Admissions to Cascadia

        Apply for Admissions Online by the application deadline noted in your packet and on the enrollment calendar.

      3. Take the Accuplacer Placement Test

        The test is optional IF you submit placement results from another college OR transcripts showing successful completion of college-level English (completed at any time) or math (completed in the last 24 months).

        Click here for information about Accuplacer Placement Test.

      4. Send Your Transcripts to Cascadia

Send official copies of your transcripts sent to Cascadia from any high school(s) and/or college(s) you have attended. Cascadia must receive the transcripts at least 48 hours before your advising appointment (see next step). Failure to provide Cascadia with official transcripts in a timely manner may prevent you from starting classes until the following quarter.

      1. Schedule Your Advising Appointment with the Adult High School Completion Advisor

        • Make an appointment with the High School Completion Advisor. Schedule the appointment before the adult high school completion registration deadline (see the Academic Calendar).
        • The advisor will evaluate your transcripts and help you choose appropriate classes and register for them.
        • You must bring valid photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport) to your advising appointment as proof of your birth date and tuition waiver.
      2. Pay Tuition and Fees

        Pay tuition and fees by the Tuition Deadline. Failure to pay tuition by the deadline may result in your withdrawal from all classes. See How to Pay.

      3. Purchase Your Parking Permit or Bus Pass

      4. Get Your Student ID Card

To get your Student ID card, go to the Bock Learning Center or Kodiak Corner with your valid photo ID and a printout of your student schedule online from ctcLink to show that you have paid tuition.

      1. Set Up Your Computer and Email Account Information

To set up or access your student accounts online, visit the Accessing Accounts webpage.

When the campus is open, you may go to the Bock Learning Center. You must go in person; you cannot complete this step online or by phone. Bring a valid photo ID and a printout of your student schedule online from your ctcLink account to show that you have paid tuition. Launch ctcLink in the Firefox browser or on your mobile device.

      1. Buy Your Books

Two ways to buy books:

    1. Attend Classes

Receiving Your Diploma

When you register for your last quarter of classes before you expect to graduate, complete a Graduation Application with an Academic Advisor during drop-in hours at Kodiak Corner/Student Services Center. If you meet the graduation requirements, we will send you details on graduation. We encourage you to participate in the commencement ceremony held each spring.

Your diploma will be issued by Cascadia College.