Students who are unable to have placement determined through one of the other placement assessments can take ACCUPLACER. The ACCUPLACER Placement is an untimed, computerized assessment that has three multiple choice sections (writing, reading, and math). Students cannot pass or fail ACCUPLACER, the results are used to evaluate your skills and place you into appropriate courses given your current skill level. Scratch paper and pencils are provided. No dictionaries or personal calculators are allowed, but calculators will be provided. Results are printed immediately following the completion of Accuplacer.

  • Valid Photo ID is required
  • Fee is $17 (non-refundable) when you sign up to take the Accuplacer, a charge will be posted to your account that can be paid through your ctcLink account. For more information see Where to Take ACCUPLACER below. Effective October 1st, the Accuplacer Fee for remote online Accuplacer will be increased to $42. The Accuplacer Fee for in-person Accuplacer will continue to be $17.

While there is no specific time limit, we ask that students give themselves enough time, approximately 2 hours to finish. ACCUPLACER Placement must be completed in the same day started. Please allow ample time to complete all three sections before the office closes. 

Guided Self PlacementThe math placement listed on the score sheet is a recommendation based on ACCUPLACER performance. If a student believes that this score does not represent their best performance the student has the option of Guided Self Placement. Guided Self Placement is a process where students are provided additional information about the next placement level and may elect to enroll in a math course one level above their initial placement recommendation. Additional information about this process is available on the ACCUPLACER score sheet the student will receive after the completing the assessment.

Directed Self-Placement: This form is only for students that would be previously directed to complete the writing sample. The directed self-placement is a process that is designed to give students guided choices about their educational placement and help them accomplish the writing goals that they will need for success in school by selecting one of the three courses provided (EF 65, ENGL 95, and ENGL& 101).

Where to Take the ACCUPLACER

The Accuplacer placement is currently administered remotely online and in-person. Students who need to complete the Accuplacer online will take it with a remote proctor. Those who wish to complete the Accuplacer in-person will be monitored by an in-person proctor. For questions or accessibility needs, please email

Please follow the steps below to sign up for the Accuplacer.


  1. You need to have a ctcLink Student ID number (not your high school SID) to take the Accuplacer. If you don't have a ctcLink Student ID number, please apply for admissions online. Your application should be processed within 2 business days. Once processed, you will receive your email that contains your ctcLink Student ID number. Proceed to step 2 once you have your ctcLink Student ID number.
  2. Complete the Cascadia College ACCUPLACER Request Form for Voucherand follow the remaining directions listed there.

NOTE: This process may take up to four business days.  

 Opting Out of Remote Proctoring

 We understand that some of you may be uncomfortable with this process. Depending on which assessment you need to complete, you may have alternative options:

  • English: After reviewing the other placement methods available, students may email for information on completing an alternate assessment.
  • Math: An alternate assessment is currently unavailable. Please review the other placement methods available to determine if they can be used. Email if you have questions.


Students with Disabilities

Students with a disability can set up a time with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Office to take the Accuplacer Placement in a private room or to set up accommodations for a reader and/or scribe. Depending on the type of accommodations request, students may be asked to provide documentation of their disability.

Please call 48 hours in advance to schedule an appointment at or call 425.352.8128.

English as a Second Language Students

Placement for English as a Second Language (ESL) is used to determine the placement level of non-English speakers. Contact the ESL office at 425.352.8158 for ESL placement.