ctcLink student self-service portal with hand clicking button animationctcLink Student Self-Service Portal

Cascadia College is now using a new system for student self-service, called ctcLink, which will vastly improve the way you do all your college business (review class schedules, register for classes, pay tuition, review financial aid, check academic progress, view unofficial transcripts, receive messages, and more). As part of this process, you will be assigned a new student ID and login passwords.

Access Your Account


  • Launch ctcLink in the Firefox browser or on your mobile device.


  • Launch ctcLink in the Firefox browser or on your mobile device.

Activate Your Account

Registering for Classes

Instructions on how to find your registration time, how to navigate the class schedule, and how to enroll in classes for summer and fall quarters.

Need to meet with an academic advisor to help with class selection? Email advising@cascadia.edu or attend an advising drop-in zoom hour. Complete list of hours and zoom IDs available at www.cascadia.edu/virtual

Download the App

The ctcLink app is available on Apple or Android devices so you can login to the student self-service system on your mobile devices.

Student Homepage Tile Descriptions

There are several tiles on your student homepage, find detailed information about what you can access and what action you can take within each tile.

Screen Reader Mode

Currently the Enable Screen Reader Mode option at the ctcLink login page does not automatically activate throughout site. Until a permanent fix is in place, please manually adjust your individual preferences to enable the screen reader mode. Once you make the change, it will remain active until you decide to turn the feature off.


For questions about your ctcLink student ID number or account access email ctcLinksupport@cascadia.edu

ctcLink Account Instructions


1. Launch ctcLink

Note: this is where you can enable the screen reader mode by clicking the checkbox.

2. Select Activate Your Account

ctcLink login screen

3. Select the OK button when the redirection pop up message displays

4. The Activate Your Account page displays

ctcLink Activate Your Account Screenshot

5. Enter your First Name and Last Name. Please make sure you have entered your name correctly.
(If your legal name is a single name—such as Pran, Madonna or Nani - you must enter a hyphen (-) in the First Name field and enter your single name in the Last Name field.)

6. Enter your Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) as shown or use the calendar icon

7. From the drop-down menu select:

  • ctcLink ID (new) if you are a new student or employee
  • SID (old) if you are a current or returning student or employee

8. Enter either your ctcLink ID or SID

9. Select the Submit button.

10. The Set Your Password page displays

ctcLink set your password screenshot

11. Enter you preferred Email address

12. Select the Security Question from the dropdown menu

13. Provide the Answer to your security question

14. Additional Account Recovery options located in the Account Recovery box

  • Enter Phone Number for text (SMS) option
  • Enter Phone Number for voice option

15. Create your Password. (At least 8 characters, including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. Special characters may be used but are not required.)

16. Confirm your Password

17. Select the Submit button

IMPORTANT: After you click submit, a pop-up window will appear that displays your new ctcLink ID number. It will not appear again. Write down your ctcLink ID at this time or take a photo.

18. Click OK and then Close

19. CLOSE the entire browser window

20. Open a NEW browser window. It is best to use Firefox

21. Launch ctcLink again

ctcLink login screen

22. Enter your NEW ctcLink ID and password

23. Explore your NEW self-service portal

Register for Classes

1. Launch ctcLink in the Firefox browser or on your mobile device.

2. Click on the ctcLink Login tile and enter your ctcLink ID and password.

CTC Login />

3. On the left navigation bar, select “Class Information” then “Class Search”

Class Search

4. Select the Term and Academic Group

Selecting Term

5. Select a section to open a drop-down that tells you more information about that class

Selecting Section

6. Click the “Enroll” button at the bottom of the drop-down or from the ellipsis menu to the right of the session

Screenshot of Enroll Button Highlighted

Screenshot of Enroll Button on the Top Right of Page

7. Leave the Permission Code blank unless one was given to you from an Advisor. NOTE: After the second day of the term, Permission Codes will no longer work, and you will need to email the instructor of the course to get written permission to be registered for the course. If you receive this written permission, please forward the instructor’s email to enrollment@cascadia.edu to be registered for that course (so long as course pre-requisites are met).

8. Only select the waitlist button if the class is full and you would like to add yourself to the waitlist

9. Click "Enroll"

To Check Your Enrolled Classes (View your Schedule):

1. On the left navigation bar, select “Schedule”

Screenshot of Selecting Schedule on CTC webpage

2. The screen will default to a calendar view

3. You can select the list view at the top right-hand of the screen

Screenshot of Selecting Schedule on CTC webpage

Cascadia Student Homepage Tiles

Profile Tile

ctcLink profile tile screenshot

  • Personal Details – Review name and add preferred name.
  • Contact Details – Update email and phone numbers.
  • Addresses – Review, add and edit addresses.
  • Emergency Contacts – Add/edit emergency contact information.
  • Ethnicity – Review and update ethnicity and background information.
  • Privacy Restrictions – Review and update privacy restrictions, such as: names, personal data, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, extracurricular activities, and photograph.

Tasks Tile

ctcLink tasks tile screenshot

  • To Do Lists – Review and respond to To Do List items on your student account.
  • Holds – Review holds on your student account. These can be positive or punitive.

Message Center Tile

ctcLink message center tile screenshot

  • Message Center – Review and respond to messages sent to you by various departments at Cascadia.

Manage Classes Tile

ctcLink manage classes tile screenshot

  • View My Classes – View the classes you are enrolled in for the term/quarter.
  • View My Exam Schedule – View your final exam schedule for the term/quarter.
  • Enrollment Date – View your enrollment dates for terms in the academic year.
  • Class Search and Enroll – Search for classes by keywords and enroll in classes.
  • Enroll by My Requirements – Review your Academic Progress and enroll by classes that are not yet fulfilled (still needed for graduation).
  • Shopping Cart – Review and Enroll in classes from your Shopping Cart. You can also validate that the courses in your Shopping Cart are still open or what is needed for your program.
  • Drop, Update and Swap Classes – Ability to drop, update and swap classes based on the academic calendar.
  • Browse Course Catalog – Search for classes in the course catalog.
  • Planner – Review, add and edit your educational planner.

Financial Account Tile

ctcLink financial account tile screenshot

  • Account Balance – Review your account balance.
  • Charges Due – Review details about charges that are due on your student account.
  • Payments – Make payments on your student account.
  • 1098 T (Tax Information) – Review and authorize electronic delivery of your 1098-T Tax Information.
  • Payment Plans – Sign up for and make payments on a payment plan.

Financial Aid Tile

ctcLink financial aid tile screenshot

  • Aid Year Information – Review your awards for the given academic year.
  • Accept and Decline Awards – Ability to accept and decline awards.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - Review your SAP status and review your Institutional SAP Policy.
  • Loan Counseling – Review and complete your Loan Counseling.

Academic Records

ctcLink academic records tile screenshot

  • Course History – Review previous course history.
  • View Grades – view grades for the current term.
  • View Unofficial Transcripts – Review your unofficial transcript.
  • View Transfer Credit Report – View any transfer credits applied to your student record.
  • Evaluate Transfer Credit – Evaluate how transfer credits will be applied to a given program or institution.
  • View My Milestones – Review milestones placed on your student account.

Academic Progress

ctcLink academic progress tile screenshot

  • Academic Progress – Review the status of your academic progress as it applies to your program.
  • View What-If Reports – Run What-If reports for programs other than the program that you are currently perusing.
  • Advisors – View your assigned advisor(s) and their contact information.
  • View My Advising Notes – View and respond to notes sent by advisors.
  • Apply for Graduation – Cascadia not using this feature currently.
  • View Graduation Status – Cascadia not using this feature currently.