Kodiak Corner

Kodiak Corner

The Kodiak Corner is Cascadia's Student Services Center for most student services. At the Kodiak Corner, you will be able to get assistance with Admissions, Academic Advising, Accuplacer Placement, Enrollment/Registration, Financial Aid, Student Accessibility Services, Adult High School Completion, Career and Transfer Services, Running Start, Underage Admission, and Veteran Services.

The Welcome Desk is located just outside the Kodiak Corner across from the elevator in the CC1/CC2 building and will be available to help you answer questions or help you find your way around campus. 

For Kodiak Corner Winter Office Hours, click here.

For Winter Holidays and Closures, click here.

Please see each department webpage for the Winter Services Modalities and Hours.




Cascadia College now uses a new system for student self-service, called ctcLink. The new student online system will be supporting you from registration through graduation. This will improve the way you review class schedules, register for classes, pay tuition, review financial aid, check academic progress, view unofficial transcripts, receive messages, and more.

As part of this process, you will a assigned a new student ID and login passwords. If you were a student prior to Spring 2020, you will need to activate your new ctcLink account

Learn more and begin the new system at www.cascadia.edu/ctcLink.  

Access Your Account

  • Launch ctcLink in the Firefox browser or on your mobile device.


Contact Information

Looking for Help?

Come visit us at our Virtual Assistance webpage
to speak with our Academic Advising and Enrollment Services!

Location:CC1 First Floor
Main Phone: 425.352.8860
Main Fax: 425.352.8137

To schedule an appointment or meet with an advisor, 
go to the Academic Advising webpage for ways to connect with advisor.





Academic Advising 

Career and Transfer Center 

Enrollment Services 

Student Accessibility Services 

Student Financial Services (Financial Aid) 

Running Start 

Veteran Services 

Enrollment Dates & Important Deadlines Calendars

Enrollment Dates & Important Deadlines Calendar

Quarterly Class Schedules and Catalog

Kodiak Corner Office Hours


Winter Quarter Information, Office Hours, Services 


Winter Break

December 16 - January 2 


Winter Quarter

January 3 - March 15



Winter Office Hours and Services


January 7 - March 15

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday:   9 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday:   10 AM - 5 PM
Friday:   9 AM - 1 PM
Saturday and Sunday:   CLOSED

For specific department service hours and modalities, go to the following webpages.

Please visit the Virtual Assistance webpage for service hours. 


Holiday and Office Closure

December 16 - December 25 and December 29 - January 1
College Closed / Winter Break Closures

Monday, January 15
College Closed / Holiday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Thursday, January 25
No Classes / Offices Closed

Friday, February 9
Academic Advising Office Closed 

Monday, February 19
College Closed / Holiday - President's Day



SPRING 2024 Quarter Information, Services and Office Hours 


Spring Break

March 16 - March 24


Spring Quarter

March 25 - June 7


spring 2024 Quarter Office Hours

April 1 - June 7

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday:   9 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday:   10 AM - 5 PM
Friday:   9 AM - 1 PM
Saturday and Sunday:   CLOSED


Holiday and Office Closure

Thursday, April 17
No Classes / Offices Closed

Wednesday, May 16
No Classes / Offices Closed

Monday, May 27
College Closed / Holiday - Memorial Day




SUMMER 2024 Quarter Information, Services and Office Hours 



June 9 - June 30


Summer Quarter

July 1 - August 22


summer 2024 Quarter Office Hours

June 8 - August 31

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday:   9 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday:   10 AM - 5 PM
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:   CLOSED


Holiday and Office Closure

Every Friday from June 14 - August 31
No Classes / Offices Closed

Thursday, July 4
College Closed / Holiday - Memorial Day

Monday, September 2
College Closed / Holiday - Labor Day