The project will build a new STEM academic facility consisting of classrooms, class labs, collaborative faculty offices and student collaboration space that provides a learning environment that inspires students and supports faculty collaboration between Cascadia College (CC) and the University of Washington Bothell (UWB). The project will provide the opportunity to create seamless academic pathways, research opportunities, and project learning experiences for students and as a combined facility, holds the additional objectives of developing and managing the facility in an integrated, fluid and sustainable manner that serves as a local and national model.

Fast Facts

  • Four-story building
  • 775,000 gross square feet
  • $79.6 m budget
  • Cascadia will have BIT network and computer science labs, an interdisciplinary lab, an engineering lab, chem labs, prep rooms, general classrooms, and faculty office suites located in the building. There will also be public gathering and study spaces for all students on campus.
  • Architect: Mithun
  • Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis

Project Goals

  • Maximize space for instruction and research in a manner consistent with program goals and institutional standards and values.
  • Create learning environments that support collaboration, active learning, and faculty innovation while building community across students and faculty.
  • Design a physical environment that promotes interactions between UWB and CC faculty, staff, and students.
  • Display the campus' commitment to environmental and economic sustainability, including by seeking to minimize building lifecycle cost and carbon footprint.
  • Redistribute STEM facilities across the campus as appropriate to improve operational efficacy, student access and relationships.

Construction Bulletin

STEM 4 Gallery

Major Milestones

September 2020 - Complete Project Definition

July 2021 - Complete Project Design Phase

July 29, 2021 - Groundbreaking Ceremony

August 2021-June 2023 - Construction

June 2023 - Substantial Project Completion 

August 2023 - Final Project Completion & Delivery


Please contact Kim Clark at

map showing location of STEM4 building just south of Global Learning and the Arts-CC3
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