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Meet the E&I Team

Chari Davenport – Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion

Chari Davenport

Hello and welcome to the Office of Equity and Inclusion (E&I). The E&I office includes the Diversity and Equity Center and is also home to the new Cascadia Scholars Program. The E&I office is dedicated to all areas of equity within this community college environment. We seek to create and maintain a welcoming atmosphere and believe that everyone is not only a part of, but also accountable for equity and inclusion at Cascadia - an ongoing goal for our entire campus!

Hao Cheng – Cascadia Scholars Program Lead

Hao Cheng

Hao was born and raised in China. He moved to Seattle in 2011. He started his career working in higher education in 2013 as a TRIO peer tutor/mentor in college. Hao received his BA in Communication from the University of Washington in 2020. After earning his BA, he served as an AmeriCorps member helping underrepresented students navigate the college process, find resources, and attain their educational and career goals at College Possible.

Hao has been with Cascadia College since August of 2021. In his role as the Cascadia Scholars program lead, he hopes to implement the program for ethnically and racially underrepresented students and help them connect educational goals to their academic and career journeys.

Meet our Interns

Julie Stratton

Julie Stratton

Hello everyone! I am a senior at the UW, majoring in Education, Communities & Organizations. I have hopes to obtain my Masters in Teaching within the next two years and begin teaching in local Seattle elementary schools. I have always held an interest and passion for equity and social justice, and I believe positive impact and change starts at the individual level. I'm so grateful to be a part of this community where we can learn and grow together and dismantle the inequitable systems that exist around us.

Briana  Carrillo

Briana  Carrillo

Briana is a senior at the University of Washington studying Education, Communities, and Organization. She hopes to one day have a career within higher education that focuses on fixing the gaps that exist within our communities and making educational spaces more inclusive and welcoming for all students. She been involved with the Mixed Student Union at UW, as she is passionate about her Mexican-American roots and building community. She currently works for Costco Wholesale, enjoys playing video games, and trying new restaurants with her friends.

Yuan Si

Yuan Si

Yuan is originally from China and came to Seattle in 2016. Currently she is an Education student at University of Washington. “During my studies, I have been learning and thinking about how to eliminate existing physical, social and psychological barriers. I’ve joined in many volunteering activities, provide educational support to children from poverty-stricken area. I am devoted to helping vulnerable members and marginalized students overcome the barriers to obtain equal education opportunities. I hope that every student in Cascadia College can have a sense of belonging. I will work with the Office of Equity & Inclusion to create institutional change and create an inclusive community served by the college.”