Tiffany Davis

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Recent graduate and CCC Foundation Scholarship recipient Tiffany Davis ('12), now at UW Bothell, is the kind of student that makes us proud! Fortunate to cluster with "the good kids" in a school system where many struggled, she succeeded where five siblings before her did not. In fact, Tiffany is not just the first in her family to attend college, but the only one of her siblings even to graduate from high school!

After high school, Tiffany took a break from her formal studies to spend three years in service with a nonprofit organization. Numerous eye-opening medical and rebuilding mission trips to India, Mexico, and post-earthquake Haiti helped Tiffany discover a passion for empowering women and children around the world.

Following those transformative experiences, Tiffany continued to change her life by enrolling at Cascadia. A full-time student, she also worked "basically full-time" at multiple part-time jobs to keep her debt at a minimum after college. A CCC Foundation Scholarship was a huge help because it let her "breathe a little easier," but Tiffany shared an impact even beyond the obvious financial relief.

"This scholarship fills me with joy and excitement about my education and my future. Receiving this honor inspires me to want to do the best I can with my time at Cascadia."

That she did! Last Winter Tiffany graduated from Cascadia with an associate in business and Faculty Honors. She now attends UW Bothell where she plans to complete her bachelor's in business with a minor in human rights.

Both globally aware and business minded, Tiffany looks forward to stimulating the local economy with her own business one day. But not just any business! Tiffany plans to invest in her local community by opening a store where she can also support international organizations that serve impoverished and exploited women by selling their handmade crafts. Both ambitious and compassionate, Tiffany has proven she has the vision, determination, big heart, and commitment to service to make a difference both locally and globally.

Like so many of our other students and alumni, Tiffany is committed to getting the college education that will make her dreams possible. The Cascadia College Foundation is proud to be able to assist her, and others like her, on that journey. We can't wait to see what each and every one of them does next!