Art of protest class 
The Art of Protest

This Learning Community course is a combination of ART110-2D Design, and HUM 150-Introduction to Cultural Studies. Students examine their perspectives on cultural production, narration, and consumption of protest's forms. At the end of the course, students will have increased their awareness of conflicting perspectives and viewpoints on citizenship, civic responsibility and national and global engagement.

Spring 2016

In this class, students worked individually and collaboratively, creating images that reflect the history of protest movements around the globe, and participated in critical dialogue regarding the content and context of their work. This work was displayed in the Mobius Gallery. Click on one of the images below for a larger view.

Spring 2017

In this class, students worked in small groups to define the narrative of "What does peace look like in 2017?"  Peace poles were chosen as a way to designate community space that acknowledges individual and collective efforts to promote and extend issues of peace and understanding. Three poles were created, with one group of students responsible for one side of their designated pole. Color schemes, text and imagery were used in creating the content. The original designs were digitally photographed, then uploaded to an outside vendor who printed them onto vinyl and applied to the metal poles.

image that shows layout of design and finished peace poles on campus, 3 poles with images related to peace, prosperity and unity