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Integrated Learning Projects

Instructors Chris Gildow and Jessica Ketcham brought together their ENGL 274 Poetry Writing and ART 240 Printmaking classes to work together on an integrated learning project.  Chris's printmaking class created colorful monotype evocations of poems written by Jessica's students. The artistic results were displayed in Mobius Art Gallery.

Below is an example of one of the collaborations.

  social sphere image     

A Social Sphere
by Ryan Turner

A social sphere
First constructed geometrically by pinpricking in air the set of coordinates equidistant from the center

His torso
Bent around the body of a guitar
Strings pulled sharp with tone ascending
Tension mounting
But he massages their long metal backs. 

Tone: a note gradient
Stretched like the skin of a balloon over an uneven octave

Tension that leeches into the soil,
The bedrock of artistic mountains.
Tone: ossified into his spine. A rock
Ton    oscillating to the frequency of his
Metallic tendrils                                               

In waves that match the pacific tumult lapping
Upon the drawn out shores small glass kernel,
And softened Coors bottles.

Social foam
Connected in hexagonal honeycomb;
Each Starbucks in downtown Seattle,
Every $1 pizza shop in NYC,
And the local taco shops of every small town in Big Texas,
All midnight Irish pubs in Boston,
Phillies Diner.

A bubble
Burbling in the white bathtub basin of North America

That insulates between transparent panes of glass