The five star consortium




About the Five Star Consortium

Effective, July, 1, 2010, the Five Star Consortium was established by a memorandum of understanding.

"We, the leaders of Cascadia College, Edmonds Community College, Everett Community College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, and Shoreline Community College are committed to the mission of community and technical colleges in the State of Washington.  We recognize that through collaboration and coordination, we can better serve our students and our communities as we fulfill that mission.  To that end, we hereby establish a consortium of our colleges, hereafter to be known as the "Five Star Consortium," with the goal of maximizing efficiencies and promoting institutional coordination and collaboration."  

MOU to Establish Five Star Consortium


Our Principles

  • All students should be permitted to attend the member college of their choice.
  • Bureaucratic barriers for students attending any of the member colleges should be reduced and/or eliminated.
  • The strengths of the member colleges should be leveraged for resource development and community engagement.
  • Each member college will accept and honor the courses, credits and degrees earned by students at any other member college.
  • The member colleges will seek to align their programs, services, and/or administrative functions with each other.

In March, 2012, consortium members established four new agreements.

: The first  sets common levels of acceptance, beginning in summer 2012, for math placement scores established by testing using either the COMPASS or Accuplacer tests.  

Math placement test scores agreement


ENGLISH TEST SCORES: The second sets common levels of test score acceptance for placement into ENGL 101, effective July 1, 2012.

English placement test scores agreement


FINAL QUARTER RESIDENCY: The third eliminates the final quarter attendance residency requirement to graduate from the college. Students may take course(s) at another college during their final quarter of study in order to complete their degree or certificate.  

Final quarter residency


ACCEPTANCE OF RESIDENCY GRANTED AT OTHER FIVE STAR COLLEGE: The fourth agreement, effective July 1, 2012, allows a student who has proven residency status at one five star partner to be admitted as a resident at any other five star consortium school.  

Acceptance of residency granted at another five star school