Materials Posting Administrative Procedures

Procedure Number: AP1.3.10.19

Adopted by Cascadia Executive Team on January 29, 2020

Materials Posting Policy

Cascadia College is committed to a safe, well-maintained campus environment that allows for free expression of ideas. In order to balance both interests, our posting procedures for publicity and communication will be uniformly applied.

These procedures apply to CC1, CC2, CC3/GLA, and the first floor of LBA. For shared facilities, please adhere to UW Bothell’s procedures.


  • Only content used to promote events, courses, activities, etc. sanctioned by official Cascadia or UW Bothell student or employee groups can be posted inside CC1, CC2 and CC3, with the exception of Community Bulletin Boards. See Posting Areas for more information.
  • Materials must identify the sponsoring class, club, or organization and include contact information.
  • Materials must include the following non-discrimination statement:
    • Cascadia College is an equal opportunity institution and does not discriminate. See full statement.
  • Materials used to promote events must include event accommodation request information:
  • Materials must be mounted using blue tape only in small loops on the back of the posters and flyers; not visible on the front.
  • Materials will comply with the Cascadia College Code of Conduct.
  • All printed materials written in a language other than English, must be accompanied by an English translation.
  • The number of posters printed for a specific event or campaign will not exceed:
    • 5 small (under 11”x17”) on each floor of CC1/2 and CC3 for a total of 35
    • 1 large (11”x17” or larger) on each floor of CC1/2 and CC3 for a total of 7
  • All materials are to be posted on concrete walls and metal railings only.
  • Materials cannot be posted in the stairwells in accordance with building fire code.
  • Materials will be taken down if they:
    • Contain obscene or defamatory language
    • Contain commercial speech unrelated to College functions
    • Promote the imminent prospect of actual violence or harm
    • Pose a material and substantial thread to the educational environment
    • Do not meet the guidelines above

Posting Areas

Community Bulletin Boards

Community bulletin boards are available to College employees, students, and non-college groups or individuals. Bulletin boards are cleared at the end of each quarter.

  • CC1, 2nd Floor, in hallway on either side of the stairwell
  • CC3, 1st Floor, to the right of the stairwell

Restricted areas

  • Painted surfaces
  • Interior and exterior windows and doors
  • Fire doors
  • Stairwell walls, doors
  • CC2 hallway North of the Vista
  • On or in elevators
  • Bus stops
  • Restrooms
  • Classrooms

Digital Signage

Television screens are posted in CC1, CC2, CC3 with general information and events on and off campus. College and Non-College groups can request posting.

  • Requests can be emailed to
  • All images must be in .jpg file format and 880x550 or less
  • All images should adhere to the posting guidelines above


Sidewalk chalk is permissible as long it adheres to the following:

  • Must coordinate with
  • Meets relevant guidelines above
  • Must use biodegradable chalk only
  • Must be limited to walkways from the south end of CC1 to the bus stop
  • Must be at least 20’ from exterior doors to prevent tracking inside

Additional Information

Any questions regarding the posting policy, please contact: